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How is industry of machinery of project of China of economic small blown away by

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CRM -- network of the sale that nowhere is absent, service

CRM, namely client relation manages (Customer Relationship Management) . From the word justice on look, client relationship management is to show the enterprise uses CRM theory to come the relation between management and client; Will tell from more deep-seated face, CRM is choice and management valuable client and the strategy of a kind of business that its concern, its requirement enterprise from " it is a center with the client " commercial philosophy concept sets out, apply adequately to it the market sale that corresponding company culture will come to pay hold effect, sale and service flow.

"Be aimed at the current situation with current job of Chinese project machine, successive ground guides CRM system is special necessary and indispensible. " say of chief of intelligence of the land of country, "Take intelligence of the land of country and character, our oneself takes informatization management seriously very much, guide the informatization such as management of quality of seed profit production, ISO, ERP runs a system early or late, even proper motion research and development content shedding delivers goods system, but still feel need runs promotion continuously. Then, the company decides decisively to guide a sale, service runs a system, namely CRM software. Namely CRM software..

"Regard a project as rigid business, the guest householder of intelligence of the land of country wants cent to be 5 kinds, namely terminal client, agent, user, media, partner, the classified government that how has opposite concentration to these clients, accomplish client concern company to change, how to distinguish the most valuable client, how to realize full extent to serve standardization, standardization, it is the serious problem that we need system of CRM of have the aid of to solve. And how to manage ' win new client, retain client, appreciation client ' process, how to dog sale process, how to realize active management to wait difficult problem a moment to each district agency, we also all gave CRM software will handle. And in fact, final we apply from CRM system in, also got satisfactory answer. Also got satisfactory answer..
Intelligence of the land of country is in charge of the lead that informatization builds saying: "Around the type selecting of CRM, we invited the famous firm inside the industry, include number of Microsoft, China, MyCRM inside, undertook for many times communication, from inside these communication, intelligence of the land of country is revised and perfected oneself demand frame, go up in a few crucial questions be able to focusing. The course is communicated for many times, we chose the solution of MyCRM finally. MyCRM sets out from our business management current situation, mature the change of the management target of future of intelligence of the land of country, flow, organization, make full use of its platform changes a system convenient implementation client is changed and relocate. And, distinctive module DIY function also suits the management that we did not come to to admit need very much. Distinctive module DIY function also suits the management that we did not come to to admit need very much..

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