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Shallow talk about project machine to rent with secondhand of the market join de

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Exit what the mechanism assures to form a standard goodly to exit the market, this will improve our country secondhand the maturity of equipment market; And of mature standard secondhand the market is to drive equipment of machinery of our country project to rent the main factor of development!
Project machinery equipment is rented with secondhand the market looks the Ma Niu that be like wind not as good as, actually they are having close correlation. Equipment is rented belong to venture capital investment, since have a risk,have with respect to need exit a mechanism.
Stock market risk is very big, why somebody dare be thrown, because have,exit a mechanism namely. The industry that rent also is same. Because project machinery equipment is secondhand the market is diseased, non-standard, underdeveloped, the company that rent replaces facility, call in owe those who because did not answer relatively,lease equipment is secondhand the market, because this restricted the high speed of the industry,develop.
Project machinery equipment is rented and secondhand two markets need confluence, form the industrial chain of a contemporary sale, the means that makes a kind of mechanical product can use direct sale, financing to rent when be born is sold. Repass is rental service, auction, hock, secondhand the market undertakes 2 times selling. Can undertake the 3rd times selling through renewable resources market when the product enters consenescence period. Make commerce can arise to trade inside the whole lifecycle of the product.
So how do two industries join after all?
"Contemporary the net that rent " CEO Sha Quan: Exit a mechanism to want to have above all exit the market. Because this joins this,should look above all secondhand equipment market is mature. With respect to equipment of some kind of engineering, if secondhand the secondhand and mechanical facility that the market has a standard runs a system: The maintenance standard of standard of certificate of quality of secondhand and mechanical equipment, manufacturer and guarantee assure, the standard of secondhand and mechanical equipment trades program and industry organize pair of trading monitoring.
Had this to cover a system, the fraudulent action in buying the enterprise of secondhand and mechanical equipment to need not fear equipment trades, essential maintenance can receive during use. So, of this product rent will have very great progress.
Again for instance project machinery equipment is rented. The company that rent is purchasing equipment the first day to will be rented equipment and secondhand the market undertakes making an appointment selling. The company that rent should have a complete maintenance record and facility work record to leasing equipment above all.
So secondhand the facility that the market can obtain one has personal details, the location of its price is exacter. Secondhand the market begins to sell what using to lease equipment in the market since this day. Want to have demand only, the company that rent sells off the equipment that rent instantly buying new facility next.
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