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Shortly of reshuffle of Chinese project machine

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Walk out of the industry of Chinese project machinery of joint-stock predicament, pulling open the big screen of industry reshuffle. But, the conformity inside the industry is admittedly important, of industrial catenary extend and position is more crucial.
Arrive from 2005 2007, 3 years short time, the total production value of industry of Chinese project machinery grew 80% , increase 210 billion yuan by 120 billion yuan. 2007, the rank of sales revenue of industry of Chinese project machinery on the world goes to the 2nd very quickly from backward position.
But nowadays, industry of Chinese project machinery is not the situation of a put on a false show of peace and prosperity, because get enterprise dimensions, especially the influence such as crucial core technology, still big and not strong. Internationalization degree still very low, the exit in sale of domestic project machine occupied 9.1 % only 2007, and Japan and Korea achieve 66 % , 76 % .
From arrive dispersedly concentration
"We go now the trend of course of study is main to large change, seriation way develops; To much breed, specialization hard. You are not large, the company can not grow; You are not professional, can be washed out by the market. " an in-house personage of mechanical industry says. Actually since since 2003, interior of project machinery industry began to buy combination, arrived after 2007 the circumstance is sent more intense rise.
Heavy division of the couplet in 2003 buys Pu Yuan is the important milestone on phylogeny of Chinese project machine undoubtedly, also be succeed and the meaning buys incident gravely. 2006 ~ 2007, because engineering industry profit margin rises, small company grows quickly like emerge, the industry is spent centrally do not rise to fall instead, cross the country, city that cross a province buy incident successful rate is very low also, although triumphant thunder buys Xu Gong, 31 buy Xu Gong to fail to succeed. But the situation of spark set the prairie ablaze already rose, buy inside the industry grow in intensity.
After 2007, project machine appears on the market of the company buy an activity however sadly arisen. Although buy mark, is deficit or the small company that are close to deficit more, but below the historical setting that transfers to China in manufacturing industry, the strategic layout that appears on the market to the company is produced through buying OK and perfect range of products, perfect area and be sold, make big sale dimensions, do strong brand to participate in international competition. Accordingly, although buy annex short-term inside not big to the outstanding achievement contribution of the company, but will for a long time see what the conformity that is helpful for project machinery industry and concentration spend rise.
In March 2007, dragon labour announces to buy Electromechanical of Zhengzhou white cloud, build Henan dragon project for the center with Zhengzhou. In November 2007, liu Gong invests 2 billion yuan of RMB to build Liu Gong in Tianjin research and development of upper project machine, make and export base; 2008, liu Gong buys limited company of machinery of project of Zhen Chongan benefit of city of Anhui mussel port to march crane market. March 2008, company of mechanical and finite liability is opposite the Shaanxi new Huang Gong that couplet heavy division buys loss in its undertake adding endowment, march domain of machinery of cubic metro of earth and stone. Through buying annex, couplet weighs the product structure of the division to be optimized further in, extend machinery of crane, environmental protection from traditional concrete machinery, road surface machinery, announced pair of Italian CIFA companies in June 2008 buy, couplet heavy division becomes company of machinery of the first project of Chinese that cross a state in.
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