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"Go up litre " ceaseless in couplet heavy division, 31 whether harden?

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25 years from in the past fixed assets investment is added fast in light of historical data, investment of fixed assets of every 5 years of plans is added fast before appearing two years high speed develops, see a top the 3rd year, hind the situation condition that glides two years, we are judged the sales revenue of the industry was added 2008 fast will see a fall after a rise. But the extensive that because domestic economy belongs to investment to pull,moves economy, GDP and concern of fixed assets investment are close (7 years investment rate is 43% the left and right sides) , the government stems from the consideration that makes sure economy grows, insisting to fall from tight monetary policy, increase government spending to stimulate economy in four quarters likely, and hopeful of project machinery industry is benefited from which, although be mirrorred to the sale to have certain lag sex truly, but anticipate pair of industries to have some of Xu Dizhen effect ahead of schedule, so four quarters are put in rebounding opportunity.

In macroscopical economy ambiguous with period of industry boom be issued to lower levels, the choice can resist the company with cold winter has a few requirements: 1, located child industry competition pattern is steady, competitive advantage is clear. 2, have higher wool interest rate and net interest rate, can resist cost rises brought concussion. 3, product catenary is more perfect, main product suffers macroscopical adjusting control to pound not quite. 4, the product has certain speech right in the world, foreign market development capability is stronger. 5, dovish dilate and finance policy are adopted bit higher in the industry. The expert thinks to rebound or give priority to with exceeding dropping industry bibcock. Couplet weighs division, 31 heavy industry to belong to project machine to exceed in drop bibcock, company of this kind of bibcock, market self-identity is spent taller, outstanding achievement growth is relatively steady, product catenary is longer, can better resist the concussion that macroscopical adjusting control brings.

Begin from September 19, the stock market " go up litre " ceaseless, the bibcock of project machinery industry in couplet, 31 whether does follow closely go up situation?

If early days predicts to appear to glide considerably,the sales volume of machinery of 3 quarters concrete is done not have, heavy division of the couplet in be like August only the sale of Beijing area exceeds 100 million yuan, and 31 heavy industry the concrete sale of 3 quarters predicts to grow 20%-30% compared to the same period. Although take concrete machine downstream the real-estate industry of 45% demand appears continuously fall after a rise, but the demand that takes items of 50% large capital construction still driving, the rapid growth that exports at the same time is in what domestic demand offsetted on certain level to glide.

Respect of imports and exports, forehead of accumulative total entrance is the industry first half of the year 2.92 billion dollar, grow 23.8% compared to the same period, accumulative total exports the forehead to be 6.35 billion dollar, grow 72.3% compared to the same period, implementation favorable balance of trade is 3.43 billion dollar. 1-7 month industry exports delivery cost to grow 77.92% compared to the same period, from exit is added since 2006 fast maintain all the time in 70% above.
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