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Manufacturing industry of our country equipment uses foreign capital policy to r

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Equipment manufacturing industry is to show for national economy departmental door offers the production that manufactures a tool to make an industry, it is the core of manufacturing industry and foundation, it is the concentration of industry and actual strength of science and technology reflects one state, involve national economy lifeblood and national security, decide the comprehensive national power of one country and international competition capacity. Through 50 old development, the equipment manufacturing industry of our country already built a more complete industry system, had the dimensions that comparative and actual strength, make the pillar sex industry of economy of our country countryman. Revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry energetically is the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China and country " 915 " a when the program puts forward main task, it is to fulfil science to develop the view, main strategy move that takes economy of our country of new-style industrialized road, implementation to be able to develop continuously, have very important sense to enhancing the comprehensive national power of our country and international competition ability.
Expand what open to the outside world as our country ceaselessly and deepen, our country has become the biggest reception on the world the foreign trader invests directly (FDI) country and one of areas. FDI held more and more significant position in our country economy, to the abidance of our country economy growth produced tremendous effect. Enter 20 centuries since 90 time, the domain key of FDI changes heavy chemical industry to course of study from light industry stage by stage, and the direct investment of large transnational corporation held international main portion. In a certain number of domains of equipment manufacturing industry, the joint-stock or solely invested enterprise that transnational corporation invests is increasing, more and more significant position was held in whole industry.
To our country economy in understanding FDI development, technology progresses and the industry upgrades the positive effect that waits for a respect while, the negative effect of direct to transnational corporation investment also ought to give height takes seriously.
Foreign capital industry is crowded took the market portion and growing space
Foreign large transnational corporation is right China the main purpose of extensive investment, it is for occupational our country's broad market and use the dominant position with our country resourceful labour force. As a result of transnational corporation actual strength strong, technology is advanced, used the dominant position with low cost of our country labor again, add foreign capital enterprise to still enjoy the favourable policy that a certain number of countries offer, competition ability of foreign capital company is consequently stronger. On the other hand, on the whole inside our country endowment enterprise dimensions weak, technology mixes small, actual strength the product is backward, in competition ability of company of a few fields very faint. Foreign capital enterprise is in the competition of our country market, capture and held our country home's quite large market share, crowded occupied inside endowment the growing space of the enterprise.
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