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How is industry of machinery of project of China of economic small blown away by

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Engulfed the world money market such as the United States, European Union, Japan in August 2007 second borrow the crisis to let global economy be immersed in trough, 2008 the place of world finance more show miserable intense and solemn and stirring. Of the American finance tycoon such as Beiersideng, Lei Man's brother, United States forest in succession easy advocate or go bankrupt, the development that allows world economy cheated the colour of panic making a person.

Chinese economy is low confused condition although far not as good as American miserable intense, but the Central Bank drops what trade ceaselessly from tight monetary policy, estate and the case that the stock market steeps fall ceaselessly, all without exception lets a person be experienced stormy approach.

Suffer Euramerican and Japanese market demand is fatigued and weak be a burden on, 2008 countrywide machinist job exports delivery cost to add first quarter fast occurrence fall after a rise. Among them, the exit of single market United States with Chinese mechanical the oldest product is added fast by 26.6% drop 9.9% , glide remarkable. The staple market such as Europe, Japan and Korea also has different rate glide.

Here setting falls, the exit delivery cost of project machinery industry is added fast appear however go against situation rise. By the 84.9% growth first quarter arrived last year this year 86.3% first quarter, rise 1.4 percent.

Global economy is low fan, predestined relationship of industry of Chinese project machinery why is walking sturdy? What market element restricts the development of industry of Chinese project machinery? Is Chinese engineering mechanical general of course of study with what kind of do attitude and method answer vicissitude of the market? Face international changeable, how does Chinese project machine keep driving add situation?

"Who " the lifeblood that controlling project machine

The expert points out, the 3 big main factors that affect development of estate of Chinese project machinery are: Domestic currency is constrictive cost of policy, production rises (basically be rolled steel price) and the whole world (basically be the United States) economy is low confused current situation.

One, the money is constrictive

8 years the core of macroscopical adjusting control is a money constrictive, and the money is constrictive the point of policy is: Of financial orgnaization add loan gross newly to must not exceed 2007 of annual add loan gross newly (3.63 trillion yuan of) . Come up from theory tell, the money is constrictive the main effect way of the industry has pair of project machine to sell and produce two fields. Because project machinery company is opposite commonly the dependence of financial orgnaization credit rate is not high, its production gets a money the impact of constrictive policy is not big. And product sale, depend on market space and purchasing power.

Develop of the constant growth of demand and foreign market ceaselessly as home market, the market space of industry of Chinese project machinery also is expanding ceaselessly. At present country " 915 " the project of large capital construction such as construction of the traffic construction in the program, the sources of energy and environmental protection project in succession start working, new rural area is built in the ascendant, real-estate industry grows ceaselessly, made sure mechanical to the project product is exuberant inside need; Foreign market also extended olive branch to industry of Chinese project machinery again and again. This shows, the market of industry of Chinese project machinery expands latent capacity. And the market purchasing power that answers relatively with the market can be on certain level get domestic money the influence of constrictive policy and international economic situation.
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