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Wind cable industry presents 4 big trends ceaseless to large change development

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Wind-force generates electricity is a kind of main wind energy uses a form, chinese wind-force generated electricity to had been begun old, generate electricity as the change of environment of Chinese the sources of energy and wind-force industrial maturity, in the near future Chinese wind-force generates electricity will present new trend.

Wind-force generates electricity cost will be reduced considerably

Wind-force generates electricity to wait at solar energy, raw material relatively but technology of second birth energy more mature, cost is lower, right the environment is destroyed smaller. In the past 20 old in, wind-force generates electricity the technology obtains a breakthrough ceaselessly, dimensions economy is increasingly apparent.

According to American country but the statistic of NREL of lab of second birth the sources of energy, come from 1980 during 2005, the cost that wind-force generates electricity drops more than 90% , drop rate is rapid at other a few kinds but form of second birth the sources of energy. Study a lab to be in what place of wind- driven generation set undertakes to evaluate to installation according to Danish RIS country, from 1981 ~ between 2002, wind-force generates electricity cost is divided by 15.8 Europe / KWh drops to be divided to 4.04 Europe / KWh, predict cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS drops to be divided to 3 Europe 2010 years / KWh, reduced 2020 divide to 2.34 Europe / KWh.

Generate electricity as wind-force technical improvement, wind- driven generation set will be cheaper and cheaper and efficient. The stand-alone size that increases wind- driven generation set reduced the devoted cost of infrastructure, and same installed capacity needs fewer numerary unit, this is managing also cost. As financing cost what reduce and develop business is seasoned, the cost that the project develops also gets reducing accordingly. The improvement of dependability of wind- driven generation set also decreased to run maintenance average cost.

On the whole, wind-force generates electricity cost will get be reducinged considerably.

Technical equipment is homebred change scale to rise necessarily

Implementation wind-force generates electricity technical equipment is homebred the end that change is to raise our country wind-force to generate electricity the engineering capability of equipment and technical level, reduce wind-force to generate electricity cost, increase market competition capacity, generate electricity to drive our country wind-force the technology is large-scale commercialize development to lay a foundation. Those who increase wind- driven generation set is homebred change strength, can send electric field construction to use homebred equipment to offer high grade and cheap alternative for wind-force on one hand; On the other hand, also can force foreign congener enterprise to lower product price substantially when participating in our country market to compete. Wind-force generates electricity technical equipment is homebred the guiding ideology that change is it is with the market oriented, it is with the project rely on, introducing digest the foundation that absorbs international advanced technique to go up, undertake innovating rising, the wind-force that development has own intellectual property generates electricity equipment.
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