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Project machine will rise with steel demand

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The meeting of countrywide railroad job that held a few days ago comes out information: This year, chinese general new go into operation 13, add builds project of special railway line of 11 passenger transport. The personage inside course of study is analysed, 2006, with steely course of study construction of close together and relevant special railway line of railroad passenger traffic uses project machine the market is very huge, project machine also will present growth trend with steel, become steely manufacturer and steel trade business to extend the one large window of the market.

According to " in norms of long-term railroad network " the development target of establish, to 2020, countrywide railroad battalion carries course of development achieves 100 thousand kilometer, among them passenger transport special railway line is 12 thousand kilometer, carriage main technology equipment is achieved or be close to international advanced level. Current, china builds railroad dimensions to already achieved 10500 kilometers, rebuild railroad dimensions already achieved 9400 kilometers, investment dimensions already exceeded 600 billion yuan, among them Beijing ferry, Wu An, Zheng Xi, Shi Tai, fierce closes, close station of peaceful, another name for Ningbo mansion of lukewarm, Wen Fu, blessing, wide deep harbor, wide bead wait for passenger transport special railway line to build dimensions to already achieved 3243 kilometers, this indicates construction received a special railway line of Chinese passenger transport a new era.

Special railway line of Chinese passenger transport builds the advent of new era, draw the demand that used mechanical equipment market. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, railroad industry regards the bibcock project that implements Chinese railroad modernization as construction of passenger transport special railway line, the design of train speed per hour of special railway line of prospective passenger transport is higher, the standard that implements in building a course also rises accordingly, uses construction mechanism device also with before construction equipment is distinguished somewhat. What is more,the rather that the construction difficulty of special railway line of passenger transport of this large-scale construction and pressure are very great, the construction technology that uses a few innovation and equipment. From the point of early days roadbed and bridge foundation project, the demand of the equipment such as machinery of cubic metro of earth and stone, squeezing ramming machinery, concrete machinery and picket project machine is bigger; make bridge, carry bridge, bridge, project of lay a railway track needs more carry Liang Che, bridge 900 tons heavy equipment, orbit solders since machine, handle equipment, laid equipment, , carry among them the bridge, equipment that wear bridge is very crucial, and demand is very big. Because use the track that do not have Cha complementary set new technology, get more than wanting before to the need of concrete equipment much, advocate if high capacity is agitate station, noisy,agitate of oar pump, concrete carries car and concrete pump to send equipment. And the main facility that squeezing ramming machinery is roadbed construction, passenger transport special railway line is very tall to requirement of density of roadbed squeezing ramming, and ask " 0 " sedimentation, because this asks to use,contain monitor automatically packing and contain full automatic change the big tonnage of amplitude system roller of Chan Gang annulus, this is the crucial equipment that ensures roadbed presses real quality. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, because the price of this kind of equipment is mixed,offer the issue such as commodity cycle, construction company uses entrance device impossibly entirely, these equipment have particular market demand in home.
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