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10 tons of heavy cranes battle moving billboards

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October 29 a day, law enforcement officers chased Maidao Laoshan Road, East Road, Haichuan Road was completely illegal billboards removed, eight 10-ton weight of large billboards were removed, the same day removal of 25 illegal billboards and walls damaged billboards. At 9:30 on October 29, journalists rushed to the opposite Maidao Road, Jinyuan District, construction workers are more than 10 meters high on a billboard landing base for cutting. "Mown base, top with a suspended cable car, the truck moved away directly." Laoshan urban management and law enforcement officials told reporters that this place is next to some of the billboards and the billboards were not subject to approval, law enforcement officers have issued a rectification notice, The forced removal. This reporter saw 10 tons of heavy landing this billboard is to lengthen the crane crane truck transported away. 11:30 or so, a whole body red billboard was hanging clothes to a truck away. "It's not cheap two billboards, which the steel is also very good, each at the cost of advertising in the 8 million or so." A law enforcement officer said. In the afternoon, law enforcement officers went to the East China Sea East, a large pillar type of road on both sides of the illegal billboards be removed. Guangdong restaurant hospital more than 10 meters vertically of a pillar type billboards, more than 30 square meters, weighing 10 tons, the absence of the relevant procedures of law enforcement officers have been removed.
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