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Beijing answer contains mechanical limited company

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Company name: Beijing answer fills machinery limited company Seat: Scope of operations: Rental empty press / rental pump / rental generation set Contact: Old winter Connect a telephone call: 010-87608252 Address: Developing zone of economy of Beijing Yi Zhuang boreal road 686 (Rong Huaqiao east 300 meters) Brief introduction: Answer fill pneumatics machine to rent - Taiwan answer contains a company is the whole world one of manufacturers of the biggest empty press, chinese mainland 3 production factories, the whole nation sells agency 27 times, many 300 sell agency, 3 hire agency, 16 hire cooperative dealer, machine of many 400 new pneumatics and generation set distributing to be used at renting in countrywide each district, the service reachs the designated position! (and in the whole nation sincere action hires cooperative dealer! )
Japanese north jumps over industrial company limited is the world exclusive the large manufacturer that with production bavin moves machine of movable type pneumatics one to give priority to, the brand is AIRMAN.
Answer fill - the ministry that rent, machine of rental FS-AIRMAN mobile pneumatics (Chai Yi, report moves) , 3 months above can move new machine to turn into the ministry that rent from sale ministry, 5-30 is cubic / 7-28 kilogram empty press of shift of Jing Yin screw (bavin is mobile, phone is mobile) , press a hour, day, month, year all can rent! Have now of all kinds low in machine of pneumatics of series of PES of card of machine, dynamo, FS-AIRMAN uses the pneumatics of series of AIRMAN card PDS that high pressure Japan installs an entrance formerly more than times 400 at renting business: (Japan holds AIRMAN< wind person formerly > 8.5 kilograms of 7 kilograms of 7 kilograms of 7 kilograms of 5 cubic metre, 12 cubic metre, 21 cubic metre, 19.8 cubic metre, 9 kilograms of 25 cubic metre, 21 kilograms of 21 kilograms of 18 kilograms of 10 kilograms of 23 cubic metre, 24 cubic metre, 21 cubic metre, 28 cubic metre) 25 kilograms of 26 cubic metre, 13 kilograms of 13 cubic metre, 13 kilograms of 21 cubic metre, 13 kilograms of 36 cubic metre. Dynamoelectric pneumatics machine kind with!
Rated power (200KW, 250KW, 300KW, 350KW, 400KW, 450KW, 500KW, 550KW, ) dynamo of VOLVO Jing Yin.

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