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Service center of distribute of Jinan crane fittings

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Company name: Jinan crane fittings distribute service center Seat: Shandong Scope of operations: Crane fittings Contact: The car is firm Connect a telephone call: 0531-87581800 Address: Zhang Zhuang district of city of Shandong province Jinan 437 (agency of management board of estate of Jinan air force) Brief introduction: Service center of distribute of Jinan crane fittings: Basically offer homebred, entrance for broad crane user all sorts of crane fittings and major repair business, crane fittings all comes from professional form a complete set to produce manufacturer, fittings acts on quality the first, lowermost factory price is sold continuously, the management concept of price actor cheap, it is you sincerely to provide whole vehicle a replacement and service. Manage: Tai'an Dong Yue, Xuzhou, Pu Yuan, north rises, the crane fittings such as port of the Yangtse River, mussel. Part of crane hydraulic pressure: Weather strip kind, filter core kind, motor pump kind, all sorts of a powerful person kind, pulley, bearing kind, all sorts of oil cylinder, slewing ring, remove litre of circumgyrate orgnaization and fittings, structural member of condole arm revolving stage; Chassis part: Engine kind, clutch kind, gear-box and pensile gear kind, assembly of around armor plate kind, transmission shaft, around bridge, equestrian bolt all sorts of fittings, around brake reachs hub assembly, all sorts of hands are moved, pneumatic a powerful person, the fittings such as all sorts of lamps and lanterns, appearance. For convenient and broad user you can shift to an earlier date the phone makes an appointment, we serve enthusiasm for you. Ask you to handhold central hand, we are friends forever. Welcome your presence, wish to serve for you wholeheartedly.
E - Mail: Laoche1588@163.com

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