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Company name: Limited company of machinery of project of Liaoning distant saddle heavies repair factory Seat: Liaoning Scope of operations: Crane, hydraulic pump, borer, grab, bulldozer wait Contact: Mamingdong Connect a telephone call: 0419-7675438 Address: Road of saddle of distant of county of this world of distant of in relief city of Liaoning province distant 99 Brief introduction: Factory of overhaul of machine of project of Liaoning distant saddle is professional maintenance crane (25-1000 ton) , the engineering such as hydraulic pump, borer, grab, bulldozer is mechanical. The company has motor of engine power testing stand, hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure, fluid to accuse testing stand of banked direction control valves, oil cylinder, spot to detect portable hydraulic pressure is integrated instrument of leak of hydraulic pressure of testing stand, ultrasonic. The development that repairs factory course 10 years originally develops, foster and have the expert team that a well-trained, ability prepares high, have home's most powerful maintenance actual strength. And pass ISO9001: 2000 quality manage systematic attestation. Among them, mobile crane, grab, mine already obtained installation of equipment of special type of People's Republic of China to transform maintenance licence class A with the lorry. Distant saddle group wishs collaboration of as joint as new old user and friend of social all circles development, good faith, achieve in all brilliant.

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