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Country is the biggest 9 separate unit transform carbon project start working

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On September 28, inc. of chemical industry of Shandong neat grand held 100 thousand tons / year carbon foundation stone laying ceremony of start working of project of 9 detached technical reformation.
The carbon in neat grand chemical industry 9 manufacturer areas, colored flag hunt, worker of a gleam of of the administrative layer of this company, part assembles together, with piece the guest such as the leader of 5 old team of store division, witnessed country's at present biggest carbon jointly 9 separate unit -- 100 thousand tons / year carbon the start working of project of 9 detached technical reformation lays a foundation.
This project always invests 120 million yuan, among them fixed assets invests 60 million yuan, after project building put into production amounts to mark, will raise profit tax every year many yuan 6000. (origin: Network of Chinese petrifaction news)

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