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Group of Chinese water and electricity bear the dragon river water and electrici

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On September 25, by water and electricity of group of Chinese water and electricity limited company assumes 4 bureaus the dragon river hydroelectric station of construction advocate dam formal open quotation irrigates the first concrete build.

Dragon river hydroelectric station is at present Yunnan saves Dehong to the city already was built and be in the hydroelectric station with the largest scale in building a power station, most large dams is 115 meters tall, the project holds prevent or control flood concurrently, generate electricity, irrigate, breed, the integrated benefit such as travel, after power station building, can make the standard of prevent or control flood of downstream city achieves 50 years to be encountered, and the development of the fraction that to improve luck beautiful city town uses water and aquiculture course of study and tourism creates advantage.

Article origin: (water and electricity of Chinese irrigation works builds group company)

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