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Economy of China of Olympic Games period can deny experience after " trough effe

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As incomplete of Ao Huisheng fire go out, china begins period of the Olympic Games after entering. Chinese economy whether continue to maintain smooth steady rapidder progress, make the central point that pays close attention to domestic and internationally.
Economy is basic the face did not change
Since this year, chinese macroscopical economy still maintains the momentum of smooth steady rapidder progress. First half of the year gross domestic product grows 10.4 % , amplitude compared to the same period fall after a rise on the foundation of 1.8 percent, the dweller consumed price total level August (CPI) rise compared to the same period 4.9 % , this is from last year since July, CPI goes up compared to the same period first fall after a rise arrives 5 % less than.
What grow to economy need to pull a movement to use inside increase somewhat. Since Feburary, of turnover of countrywide society consumable add fast rise basically in month by month, at present already successive the growth that 3 months maintained 23 % above. Exit still maintains certain growth level. Our country of before 8 months exports nine hundred and thirty-seven billion six hundred and ninety million dollar, grow 22.4 % compared to the same period.
Chinese economy basically runs index to make clear since this year, slant fast economy is added fast occurrence slow down, the pressure of the risk of overheat and inflation is in abate. Wang Tong of director of institute of economy of amount of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 3 think, this shows our country macroscopical adjusting control is fruitful, the main area that macroscopical economy grows has been remained.
Numerous research organization thinks, huge to dimensions China economy, the Olympic Games is finite to the influence of economic overall situation, olympic Games itself also is not meant bring how many money directly, but it offerred to borrow for Beijing and even whole China economy situation and the development chance that go up.
Zheng Yongnian of director of institute of East Asia of Singapore state-maintaineding university says, the Olympic Games is a chance, terminus of and rather than. China can hold the Olympic Games is the result that Chinese socioeconomy develops certain level, at the same time the success of the Olympic Games runs the new starting point that also shows this is China progresses to higher level.
The Olympic Games changed Beijing, the sports place that is a delegate with cubic metre of bird's nest, water group build, formed mark of Beijing city new ground. The Olympic Games gives Beijing and relevant assist do a city to bring improvement of environment of structural adjustment of region economy progress, industry, zoology to wait for action of a lot of radiate, new economic point of growth and new industry also are in in brew and breeding a process.
Besides wonderful match, blue sky white cloud and hand in clear and coherent free to become Beijing to leave two window with the deepest impression to people. Beijing has expressed, those who be restricted to produce is shutdown, heavy during the Olympic Games if contaminative industry cannot ensure amount to mark to discharge, after the Olympic Games ends, will not be simple resume production, want to consider the issue that whether should the enterprise exist however.
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