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[Hunan] start working of freeway of Ji Huai, congratulate

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A few days ago, national freeway network is wrapped (first) luxuriant (renown) line Hunan auspicious head change Duan Hedao congratulate to the bosom freeway Hunan paragraph in succession start working. So far, start working project achieves Hunan freeway this year 10.
Yu Laishan of members of standing committee of Hunan provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor announces auspicious conceives a freeway formal start. Auspicious conceives a freeway to be built by governmental investment, belong to collect fees still borrow a freeway. Auspicious conceives a freeway is Hunan inland western what area and area of delta of extensive Pearl River contact is convenient passageway, make an appointment with 105 kilometers endlong, north has auspicious head city east, receive Chang Dezhi auspicious head freeway, county of river of the city zone of the Ma Yang county that county of the auspicious head city of autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Tujia nationality of West Hunan of by way of, phoenix and bosom turn city, crane, Zhi, stop to change city crane the city zone at the bosom, change freeway bosom to change jumper start butt joint with the Shao Yang Zhihuai that already built, the plan built be open to traffic 2010.
Xu Minghua of Hunan Province vice-governor announces congratulate freeway Hunan paragraph start working. Hunan always state line county comes Hunan of freeway of Guangxi He Zhou paragraph the main component that is program of network of Hunan Province freeway, south result method county, with the Sha Rong that plans to build the freeway connects, county of path of by way of, river China county and Jiang Yong county, stop at provincial boundaries Li Jiatang, receive the congratulate freeway Guangxi that plans to build paragraph. This masterstroke is full-length 50.66 kilometers, line of Jiang Yonglian sth resembling a net grows about 12.39 kilometers, planned project duration 36 months. (origin: Chinese traffic signs up for)

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