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New riverside chemistry is about to build big styrene project

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New riverside chemistry was about to join project of carry big styrene 2010. According to China expert of net of not saturated colophony introduces, new riverside (peaceful is promoted) chemical company is Singapore extensive inferior group, first of investment solely invested business is started in peaceful. 10 years time total investment is added by 300 million yuan reach 3 billion yuan, ionic film caustic soda year productivity, also by at first 40 thousand tons enlarge 450 thousand tons. Company plan is in new riverside to did not come 3 years, accumulative total throws 3.4 billion yuan of RMBs, build 320 thousand tons / year styrene project, 300 thousand tons / year caustic soda project, strive to achieve one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight class to sell dimensions at an early date. According to this company relevant controller introduces, this second be about to build 2 projects to already was judged into annulus, design phase. Predict 2010 first quarter, 300 thousand tons / year caustic soda project will put into production, what produce chlorine to be used at oneself to produce VCM partly, the others sells division of past week border district. At the appointed time productivity of new riverside company, will realize 750 thousand tons / year of caustic soda. At present styrene device material is purchased end, but construction time will be deferred, build pressure in order to reduce an item, ensure the project builds mass. Although,chief expresses chloric now alkaline product, the market is in downturn, but will build by original plan start working.

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