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Month of the nine before area of Hainan of black sea city is introduced reach th

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This year 1 to September, hainan area is introduced reach the designated position capital one billion eight hundred and thirty-four million nine hundred and ninety-two thousand three hundred yuan, of job of the year that finish 101.94% , grow 22.18% compared to the same period, ahead of schedule the year of make known to lower levels of the municipal government of a quarter that finish is brought endowment the task. Annual reports a capital project in all 12.
2008, hainan area is carried out seriously implement scientific progress concept, carry out actively open drive strategy of strong area of the strategy and economy, raise service level ceaselessly, make capital attraction job is advanced steadily. Whole area is built, add builds a project to go well, dog negotiate project situation is satisfactory. Current, the agreement is brought endowment amount amounts to many yuan 80.
Hainan area is being brought endowment in, develop a program around the industry, introduce a batch of dimensions big, start the priority discipline with advanced standard of equipment of tall, technology, promote an industry administrative levels. In the meantime, exert oneself pushs industry of coal chemical industry, chloric alkaline chemical industry outspread, build industrial group, enhance advantage characteristic industry to develop delayed effect. Arrive " 915 " end, the gross of pillar industry dimensions that produces body year after year 500 thousand tons of 5 million tons of 5 million tons of 1 million tons of 10 million tons of 10 million tons of raw coal, limestone, calcium carbide and ferroalloy, coke, white ash, PVC; To 2012, strive to form the productivity of amine of cyanogen of 5000 tons of amine of 10 thousand tons of nitrogen of 100 thousand tons of 300 thousand tons of 500 thousand tons of hydrogenation of 100 thousand tons of 1 million tons of 500 thousand tons of methanol, coal tar, benzene, caustic soda, soda ash, lime, double cyanogen, sheet; The deep treatment product such as profile of material of canal of aether of crude benzole, carbon black, 2 armour, chemical fertilizer, PVC gets be developinged extensively, build a municipality stage by stage western coal chemical industry and base of chloric alkaline chemical industry. (origin: Website of black sea municipal government)

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