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Couplet of Sun Wu pyroelectricity produces a project to go well

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Couplet of pyroelectricity of Sun Wu county produces a project since start working was built on May 6, each project goes well. Strive to install a boiler this year, in November before end, partial heat addition comes true inside the city zone.
This project always invests one hundred and thirty-one million two hundred and forty thousand yuan, first phase project plans to invest 87.78 million yuan this year, plan boiler of fluid-bed of 2 loops when 35 tons of / , provide 1 station group of turbogenerator of type of 6000 kilowatt back pressure. Current, advocate workshop build by laying bricks or stones builds a part to already sealed a top, landing stage transporting coal main body is finishing recently, except broken bits, remove dust, water treatment workshop already sealed a top; Change electric institute principal part is finishing already, installed equipment recently; Office building already sealed a top, the near future is decorated. Already laid hot net cop 5421 meters, 50 what take total length. 1 % . Main body of station of partial heat exchange is basic and finishing, hitting equipment foundation and preparation to receive report toward station of each heat exchange.
The another Xiang Limin project that pyroelectricity couplet produces a project is Sun Wu county, after building will improve urban air quality effectively, satisfy requirement of town heat addition, drive resource managing model, the environment is friendly model, construction of zoology civilization society. Chief of bureau of the environmental protection that occupy a county introduces, after put into production of building of first phase project, will replace 130 original to warm oneself monomer pannikin furnace, reduce discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur, soot in great quantities, improve local effectively to rank an environment. (origin: Black river daily)

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