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Hopeful of Peng lustre nuclear power plant becomes inland the first

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As we have learned, 9 rivers city has igneous report installed capacity 1.46 million kilowatt, concern the energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon to ask according to the country, "915 " during 9 rivers city will close stage by stage stop specific power consumption the group of small fire electric machinery with tall, heavy pollution, basically promote 9 rivers power plant 4 period project construction. In the meantime, 3.6 million kilowatt mixes tail of lucky prosperous mouse to always repair green hill project of cable of fire of 2.4 million kilowatt also is being carried out actively in.

In new-style energy field, the nuclear power plant of hill of Peng Ze cap that visits one of major project completely predicts investment is 60 billion yuan, installed capacity 8 million kilowatt, year generating capacity can amount to 60 billion degrees, more than Jiangxi province generated electricity 2007 gross. Current, this project is making asking for the ground to tear open change and dweller to find a place for work, will finish next year " 4 are made the same score " . This project hopeful makes the nuclear power plant that the first start working builds Chinese inland area, once build, generating capacity is equivalent to burning coal of 20 million tons of report. This will reduce Jiangxi to save the pressure that buys outside electric coal not only, and the environmental pollution that will reduce igneous electricity production to bring.

In addition, in always repairing 500 kilowatt to be defeated by a batch of electric power such as project of hydroelectric station of the lane below transformer substation project, Wu Ning to build a project to intensifying building.  

News source: Net of Chinese the sources of energy

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