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Fujian arrives gross of machine of electric power outfit will be amounted to 2010 3, 5 million kilowatt is controlled, become one of base of the sources of energy with Chinese coastal and main southeast; In addition, preliminary estimation, should save total reserve of resource of coastal and terrestrial wind energy to amount to 4, 1.31 million kilowatt, technical development measures 6.07 million kilowatt.

Reported on October 6 according to Xinhua News Agency, fujian Province development and clean of Zheng Shan of reform council vice director expressed recently, nuclear power plant of Fujian peaceful heart had begun construction in Feburary 2008 construction, blessing clear nuclear power plant also built go into operation before the end of the year 2008, to 2010, gross of machine of outfit of Fujian Province electric power will be amounted to 3, 5 million kilowatt is controlled, become one of base of the sources of energy with Chinese coastal and main southeast.

The Fujian Province is short of oily little coal, energy situation compares insecurity all the time. In recent years, push strait energetically as the Fujian Province bank economy area is built on the west, very how old project start working is built, energy situation is more grim. For this, ground of Fujian Province high standards advances development of power energy industry, and nuclear report, wind-force generates electricity a key that waits for new energy resources to become industry of energy of Fujian Province power to develop.

Since 2008, rate of development of Fujian nucleus report is very rapid. In Feburary, start working of peaceful heart nuclear power plant is built, this up to now Fujian year after the power station project with design the biggest electricenergy production builds, 4 aircrew year electricenergy production predicts to reach 30 billion kilowatt hour, basically satisfy the requirement inside the Fujian Province, participate in Hua Dong market to compete. First phase project year electricenergy production evens more the blessing clear nuclear power plant of 14 billion kilowatt hour, also will at start working of the end of the year.

Zheng Shan clean expresses, the construction of two nuclear power plant, will make the Fujian Province becomes the nuclear phone base with coastal and main southeast, clean and efficient nucleus report will make brunt power supply, stimulative Fujian and structure of Hua Dong power source are optimized, offer strong the sources of energy to prop up to can develop continuously.

Additional, as a result of taiwan strait " narrow provides effect " , natural resources of Fujian Province wind energy is very substantial. Preliminary estimation, the Fujian Province is coastal total reserve of resource of terrestrial wind energy 4, 1.31 million kilowatt, technical development measures 6.07 million kilowatt, the 3-4 that estimation of reserves of resource of coastal waters wind energy is land to go up times, will be henceforth the resource of main the sources of energy that this province can develop. " the Fujian Province " 915 " electric power develops a program " put forward, to 2010 installed capacity will obtain report of Fujian Province wind 600 thousand kilowatt, wind report scale is striven for achieve 2% .
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