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Report is cast in take over report of state of Oriental pyroelectricity group to

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Yesterday, 5 generate electricity greatly in the group in report joins group and state electric group place buys each below one town, shijiazhuang city state endowment appoint free of group of will Oriental pyroelectricity delimits the report in turning joins a group, hunan Hunan is cast control an in relief power plant of group general beneficial the equity of 97.41% makes over a country electric group.
The personage inside course of study expresses, since this year, coal supplies insecurity and price to upsurge, make local report look forward to faces dilemma in succession, this also is 5 generate electricity greatly the group is bought levelled road.
Yesterday, oriental pyroelectricity announcement, on September 28, shijiazhuang city state endowment appoint with in report cast a group to sign " delimit about free turn agreement of limited company of group of Shijiazhuang east pyroelectricity " . According to bilateral agreement, shijiazhuang city state endowment appoint agree with free to delimit turn the Oriental pyroelectricity group of a hold 100 % equity. Assets of Oriental pyroelectricity group includes Oriental pyroelectricity 34.32 % equity. Oriental pyroelectricity respect expresses, as a result of in the abundant actual strength that report casts and rich administrative experience, will produce positive effect to the short-term production of the company is managed and developing for a long time. Report casts a respect to think in, this second buy after finishing, report casts OK and sufficient integrated and state-owned natural resources in, do do greatly strong generate electricity downstream industry, optimize industrial position, the synergism that produces industrial chain.
Additional, electric group and Hunan Hunan join the state accuse a group limited company to signed equity of beneficial in relief power plant to make over an agreement on October 7. Hunan is cast accuse beneficial in relief power plant the equity of 97.41% makes over a country electric group, indicate electric group garrisons a country formally Hunan energy industry. (origin: Capital times)

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