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3 freeways start working builds Inner Mongolia treasure

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On September 18 alliance of Inner Mongolia stannum too on the prairie that banner tribute treasure pulls case beauty, below blue sky white cloud, the country prosperous of 207 lines treasure reachs 3 ground the freeway holds start working ceremony. Attend foundation stone laying ceremony have leader of hall of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, alliance of stannic forest Guo Le and too the concerned leader of 2 class government waits for banner of fall forward temple attend foundation stone laying ceremony.

Baochang reachs 3 ground the freeway is full-length 49.261 kilometers, two-way 4 driveway, 3 companies bear build among them bed 6 mark, full-length 13.317 kilometers, valence is mark in the project 87 million yuan, time limit for a project a year.

Since initial term looked personnel enters the arena in succession in September, finish project ministry basically already to face now build the job, experiment instrument reachs the designated position basically already, the calm line of 13 kilometers restores all fronts to already was finished. Complex of project department staff is at present exalted, in striving to build a highway in beautiful Inner Mongolia prairie, consecratory oneself light and heat. Article origin: (Chinese engineering is mechanical silver-colored net)

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