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World Shanghai unplugs start working built highest cooking project recently

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According to Xining of Xinhua News Agency the cooking with the top on October 7 height above sea level on electric world is versed in Cheng -- group of Qinghai Qing Hua 2 period Cheng of chemical industry of 1 million tons of coal, in altitude 3200 meters bavin amounted to start working of Nuo of sweat of wooden basin examine to build recently. This action shows construction of catenary of industry of economy of loop of Qinghai coal chemical industry is being carried fast.
Be known as China " cornucopia " Chai Damu basin, be located in Qinghai to save the sea on the west autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of the Monggol nationality. Here already found out the ore deposit that has resource reserve to plant 39, resource is potential value 15.5 trillion yuan, occupy Qinghai to save mineral products resource the 90% above of potential value, take resource of countrywide mineral products 16.4% of potential total value.
From of old, chai Damu is unfrequented. 1954, the bavin of push forward of geological team member of new China amounts to wooden basin, begin build mine and plant. Since reforming and opening, bavin amounts to wooden resource development to quicken. In recent years, be critical as product of global resource sex, emerge in large numbers of Chai Damu basin gives resource of a batch of mineral products kind star company: If Qinghai is saline group, medium,letter country is installed, western alkaline course of study of group of mining industry, Qing Hua, Qinghai.
In October 2005, the country is approved formally Chaidamu begins circular economy the first batch as the whole nation pilot industrial garden area. Ma Jie of state deputy governor says the sea on the west, area of garden of other loop economy is mostly use from trash begin, and Chaidamu is from resource use integratedly begin. The city will form prospective sea on the west our country western area area of garden of economy of loop of a special distinctive, also will be western the area explores a new development pattern. (origin: Economy is referenced newspaper)

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