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10 build a company to accelerate construction of Cheng of Tianjin refine chemica

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Fight bravely to change engineering construction spot in Tianjin refine 10 build company cadre worker, seize the favorable opportunity that at present execution condition improves closely, abandon self-consciously during the National Day off, work overtime grab time limit for a project, from steel structure prefab installation arrives of equipment in succession hoisting perch, each unit division advance side by side- do two or more things at once, new construction climax was lifted in many unit division.
As blueprint and material come in succession, 10 built ministry of project of Cheng of Tianjin refine chemical industry to organize launch a mass campaign of construction of division of unit of hydrogenation cracking device and candle oily hydrogenation, made new reference point, arouse construction group enthusiasm through a variety of measure, before the day comes off work, every hold meet and discuss to meet, execute unified attemper, person specially assigned for a task is responsible, harmonious solve earth to propose the alternate exercise issue with installation and each type of work, construction schedule is accelerated apparently.
In " two hydrogen " each have a group of compressor in device, because design blueprint evening, compressor foundation construction is very pressing, become cold with each passing day as weather, project ministry adjusts construction plan in time, ask foundation of two groups of compressor is by October must finish, made award punish measure. Two earth build construction group to answer the call of project ministry actively, organize construction force, fight bravely compressor foundation, strive to finish the job at an early date.
Furnace of 6 splitting decomposition is assumed by 3 construction group, finished 24 meters tall radiate basically at present paragraph steel structure is prefab installation task, had hoisting convection paragraph the condition of module. After the hoisting of whole of section of steel structure frame that runs reactor in annulus of plant of high density polyethylene is successful, project ministry coordinates convection actively with owner paragraph module and radiate paragraph, time of drum, fan entering the arena, had decided the time entering the arena of large crane, strive to center hoisting, improve hoisting efficiency.
10 built a company to assume 28 billiards canister to install the task, centered 120 outstanding solderers to have launch a mass campaign. Especially ball of 6 propylene low temperature, it is product of trial-produce of first time big batch, solder craft requirement is strict, project ministry held water to solder technically quality management group, strengthened beforehand, postheat temperature and line capabilities control, established outstanding solderer to compare Wu Guangrong a list of names posted up and stage of exposure of infringe craft discipline greatly, award actor punishs bad, cross programmed control strictly to make, strive to make sphere construction reachs a nation actor product quality. Already assembled 24 at present, solder 8, a nondestructive detects, solder joint rules and forms of classical poetic composition is 98.4% . (origin: Network of Chinese petrifaction news)
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