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Settle of big project of a batch of industry plunges into area of granting Nuo E

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Since this year, nuo Er area does Za Lai to good project is introduced and expand the job with all one's strength, key industry project is advanced steadily, big project of a batch of industry settles down in this area in succession, form new economic point of growth.
1.8 million tons of coal that always invest 20 billion yuan make methanol project of 600 thousand tons of olefin, first phase project from May begin to undertake field makes the same score full employment first, already finished the 53 % of gross of cubic meter of earth at present, cement agitate station is assembled end, the treatment facilities such as rolled steel, pattern plate and personnel had reached the designated position, construction of railroad of provide for oneself is undertaking in insecurity in.
Enlarge of mine of clever spring of the company that plunge into coal can transform a project already finishing, carried effect to offer for next coal increase production assure. The market of the railroad that plunge into coal that invests 70 million yuan matchs a station to revise extend project June start working, the east red collect after extend matchs station station field to design the ability that permit a vehicle to be 760, day all shipment loaded vehicle 713, currency ability will by original year rise 7 million tons year 15 million tons of above, at present the project lies ending phase, the project will throw operation October. Always invest 26. Project of 600 million yuan clever Dong Lijing already completed investment 300 million yuan, predict in December 2009 trial production.
First phase project of project of epoxy resin of 3 strong chemical industry, year productivity 1 . 50 thousand tons, from last year since put into production, manufacturing situation is satisfactory. Works of sea power beer product line of 40 thousand tons of beer from this year April since put into production, divide outside assuring normal production, still raised the beer yield between date of each political integrity, satisfied market demand greatly. (origin: Daily of Hulun shellfish Er)

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