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Exhibition of equipment of special type of international of 2009 China Nanjing

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2009/ of exposition of equipment of industry of international of Chinese · Nanjing2009Exhibition of equipment of special type of Chinese Nanjing international Time: On March 19, 2009, 21 days Place: Nanjing international exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference Government of Nanjing city people Jiangsu saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Assist run an unit: Jiangsu saves quality technology to supervise bureau of equipment of bureau special type Jiangsu saves special type equipment to run association
Undertake unit: Nanjing East Asia can exhibit service limited company

Support media: Net of Chinese crane resource

Introductive: The industry of Chinese Nanjing international that by Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference, Jiangsu saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference to sponsor equips exposition / exhibition of equipment of special type of international of 2009 China Nanjing will on March 19, 2009, in Nanjing 21 days international exhibits a center to hold, exhibit meeting exhibit 1200 times in all, the 15000 square metre outdoor, set a machine tool to be versed in the mould exhibits area, automation to exhibit area, agriculture machinery to exhibit machine of area, project to exhibit the sources of energy of electrician of area, electric power to wait exhibit an area. As the rapid development of Chinese economy, the world purchases a center to be transferred to China, product of special type equipment is being bought domestic favour gradually by international, and safety of special type equipment runs a state, with economy of an a country, region development level, science and technology progresses level and general management level are more closely related, at present China is using measure of special type equipment, boiler many 530 thousand, pressure vessel many 1.25 million, of all kinds gas cylinder many 87 million, pressure conduit 1.1 million much kilometer, elevator many 300 thousand, lifting appliance many 370 thousand, car of the motor-driven inside the factory many 200 thousand, you Le establishment many 20 thousand (cover) , passenger transport cableway many 500. Fulfil special type equipment to produce use unit safety, strengthen and developing technology of special type equipment is modern industry development is important assure, stimulative society and economic progress respect are producing main effect, have tremendous development latent capacity. Jiangsu province is production of special type equipment, use big province, manufacturing company measure ranks the whole nation the first. Fulfil provincial Party committee to save a government to carry out " build Jiangsu into base of international manufacturing industry " strategic deploy, drive me to save the rapid development of manufacturing industry of special type equipment, ensure equipment produces special type to character is measured and run safety, support science and technology progresses, intrinsic safety of equipment of stimulative special type, "Exhibition of equipment of special type of international of 2008 China Nanjing " will serve as " exposition of equipment of industry of international of 2008 China Nanjing " important exhibit one of is in center of Nanjing international exhibition is held. This second exhibit can taste quality in order to produce to rely on, gather together top technology, show businessman figure, base oneself upon gives priority to the platform of body with special type equipment at making, demand of market of size of market of the radiant emitance that combines Nanjing, China, long three-cornered, build the effective platform that development of a communication of science and technology, collaboration and market extend for the enterprise inside course of study and global person of the same trade. Congress is cordial the participation that welcomes you, conspire to develop to be achieved together brilliant!
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