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Project machine: Safety of large tower crane is torn open, outfit experience and

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In global economy spring tide drive below, crane industry is like Mu Chunfeng, dreary crane market instant arouses layer upon layer dimple, market sale does not say for nothing, the order like catkin blots out the sky and cover up the earth and come, the fact that demand exceeds supply, allow manufacturer of domestic and international crane become very happy in domestic heart. Top structure installs first selection machine -- volume is huge, the ground like the emerge of crane of type of big tonnage tower with all ready function comes out in succession, move toward home market in succession, make the building installs enterprise with might doubled, company operation ability is able to rise quickly. We are enjoying crane of type of big tonnage tower to bring while the ground is a lot of and convenient, be being demolished by it again, the one screen that in installing a process, lays like annulus nearly, agitate gets sleeping and eating to be installed hard! Brotherly unit pays tears of blood to teach a lesson for this, let person of the same trades talk for a short while " tear open " color changes, somebody ever figure ground tear open, outfit exercise is compared accompany with fierce tiger photograph, the tip has inadvertent and safe accident to come with respect to meeting howl, your person unawares. The Anhui report that the author is in builds one company to have the tower type crane of more than 100 different level, bear the project of of all kinds project that build pervades great river north and south, great Wall inside and outside, because project needs, tower type crane is demolished, turn installation of field different ground likes homely food. Saying path: "Go by the side of Chang Zaihe, which not can wet shoe! " . My company mechanization is professional from " aggrandizement responsibility education, pay attention to ability to foster " proceed with, combine oneself exercise characteristic, summary, drilling gives ground of a distinctive, effective to hit a tiger " assorted fist " . This " assorted fist " accompany north and south of our fight in some places one by one, come for years our tower type crane stands tall and upright on desert desert for many times, a few degrees of construction that are Inner Mongolia llano " add a brick to add tile " . . . . . . Gaze at unpluggingly and the modern power plant that have, happy and diluent the exhaustion on our body; Turn one's head strings together string of deep footmark, still have the tower opportunity that accompanies day and night, we are gratified, proud. So old come, we and tower machine boil in the beat in harships together climb, to only then come to be done not have eventually " wet shoe " ! Person of the same trades are in exclamation of the miracle, more it is the view that reveals an envy. "Face deep admire fish with its, be inferior to retreating and spin " , we think to want to lay the foundation only prison, aggrandizement process is controlled, of tower type crane tear open, outfit be just as cole dishful. Those who show an Anhui report to build major of one company mechanization " assorted fist " arrange as follows, consult for person of the same trades.
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