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Standard of special fund allowance decides industrialization of wind phone equip

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To accelerate report of our country wind technology of equipment manufacturing industry progresses, stimulative wind report develops, the Ministry of finance is released yesterday " wind-force generates electricity special fund manages equipment industrialization temporary measure " . " method " made clear central finance to arrange industrialization of wind phone equipment the accessorial standard of special fund and capital scope of application, also made clear requirement of the supportive object of industrialization capital, means and support at the same time.

Basis " method " , a series of 50 typhoons electric machinery that produces production business to satisfying the wind phone equipment that supports a condition, central finance will press 600 yuan / the standard of kilowatt gives accessorial, rectify a mechanism to build enterprise and crucial component to make an enterprise be occupied each among them 50% , in principle of amount of allowance of each crucial component production company decides according to cost scale, the key tilts to converter and bearing industry. Industrialization capital must special the relevant defray that uses research and development of new product of equipment of Yu Feng phone.

" method " clear, object of industrialization capital support is engaged in wind-force generating electricity for Chinese churchyard equipment (include overall wait for component with blade, gear case, dynamo, convertor and bearing) what production makes is medium endowment in reaching endowment control a company. Capital basically is 50 first million that be developed newly to the enterprise and realize industrialization group of electric machinery of wind of made of baked clay class is overall reach component of form a complete set to grant allowance, grant-in-aid forehead presses the standard of installed capacity and regulation to decide.

Basis " method " , the wind-force that applies for industrialization capital generates electricity equipment production company must accord with 6 conditions: It is equipment has own intellectual property and brand, include to own research and development, combination is developed or introduce a technology to innovate again, must have complete technical file; The 2 stand-alone capacities that are group of wind electric machinery are in 1500 kilowatt (contain) above; 3 it is group of wind electric machinery carries Beijing warning judge the product certification of attestation center; The 4 lamina that are form a complete set of set of wind electric machinery, gear case, dynamo by in endowment or in endowment accuse an enterprise to make, encourage in using endowment or in endowment the convertor that accuses an enterprise to make and bearing; 5 it is the different type product that same company applies for support to use same technology, product power difference is in 500 kilowatt (contain) above; 6 it is group of wind electric machinery production, installation is completed in home, debug, failure free operation 240 hours of above, check and accept through owner.
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