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Middle east (Sha Jia) exhibition of international project machine (CONMEX)

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Middle eastMiddle eastSha JiaSha JiaExhibition of international project machine(CONMEX) Nod showpiece: Middle east sanded Jia exhibits a center (ExpoCentreSharjah)Exhibit date: In October 2008 20-23 dayShowpiece periodic: AnnualSponsor an unit: International of group of exposition of German Munich international, middle east sanded Jia exhibits a centerBe stationed in China representative: Limited company of exhibition of Beijing admire internationalLimits of item on display: Excavating machinery : Grab of tadpole  ? digs; of fork-lift truck ditcherCliff authentic is mechanical : Vase; of compressor of? charge crusherEarth-moving machinery: ; of land leveler of scraper of bulldozer of alarm Su?Reinforcing steel bar and prestressing force are mechanical : Steel wearing canal moves hydraulic press of machine of rehabilitate of machine of cold rolling of compose Qi? straight machine;Pneumatic tool: Pneumatic of? of Wu of   ripples cuts; of line oiler of high pressure of tool pneumatic motor Concrete machinery: Building of agitate of concrete of mixer of concrete of? of a surname Tuo (station) ; of lever of cloth of concrete of concrete agitate carriage car Finishing machinery: Why does pump of slop of? of  pray  wipe target pump of spray of equal opportunity coating is electric tool; Picket labour is mechanical : Hydraulic pressure of pile hammer of  ? derv cuts; of picket machine drill Road surface machinery: Fall machine of shop of Tao? booth sweeps road car to underline car; Squeezing ramming machinery: Compacter of Gu lane? shakes tamper to grind press; The project drills machinery and driving machine :  covers Hao? Qian Kongzuan machine to be not excavate to direct borer pounds type borer; Construction crane fetterses: ; of platform of work of headroom of gantry crane of windlass dragon of? of Tao of  lamp sandpiper Municipal project and environmental sanitation are mechanical : Cleaning machine of tank car of Huan mill? sprays; of car fire engine Motor-driven industry traffic: The building uses a car with car, mine balance type forklift is lighted inside trailer 3 to stow forklift; Dynamical plantReach project machine fittings :  of palm of a pavilion or house on a terrace of  of black of Ti head ⒌ considers wholesale? engine to reach its; of drive axle of system of suspension of transmission of component brake system fittings of all sorts of fittings electric equipment and its assembly hydraulic pressure are sealed fittings and its assembly detect maintenance equipment and its fittings car advance with fittings a heavy mail;
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