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2008 China western facility of bridge of project machine, road and special vehic

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The corresponding period holds: 2008China western freeway conserve technology and equipment exhibition Time: On April 8, 2008 - 10 days of places: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city Directive unit: Chinese highway learns Sichuan to save traffic hall Sichuan to save bureau of traffic hall highway
Sponsor an unit: Sichuan saves Economic Commission Sichuan to save highway to learn good rich to be able to exhibit an orgnaization
Undertake unit: Sichuan good rich shows limited company
Assist run an unit: Sichuan of head office of development of construction of highway of Sichuan of committee of major of road of institute of highway of province of Sichuan of committee of major of bridge of institute of Sichuan province highway saves railroad of the group that build project subway of Chengdu of limited company of group of construction of bridge of highway of Sichuan of designing institute of the 2nd reconnaissance is finite Chengdu of group of bridge of road of liability company Sichuan is municipal (group) finite responsibility
Support media: China of mechanically-laid web of project of website   HC360 drafts heavy-duty car of China of net of trade of machine of project of China of mechanically-laid web of highway of China of network of freeway of China of Chinese road network and machine of project of China of net of project machine business affairs in build machine of project of LC800.com- of project net   business of Chengdu of net of heavy-duty car major signs up for China on the west Metropolis DailyIntroductive:
The country is carried out western big development comes 5 years, the area came true to span western the development of type, driving n maintained the rapid growth of national economy. Sichuan serves as western the important province of big development, in the construction of urban overall planning the respect was obtained fix eyes upon achievement, finish investment every year nearly 3 years to all exceed 13 billion yuan, odd freeway achieves 2000 kilometers, jump house western front row. Last year give an official of key of the State Council Chengdu is in future will accelerate the subway build amain inside 10 years, two period project circuitry grows about 54 kilometers in all, total investment makes an appointment with 20 billion yuan. Radiation amounts to a few big areas, effectively drove urban and rural unifinication to build a course, become the new heat that drives development of estate of outskirt edge county, city.
In recent years inside, chengdu is in the domain such as traffic of railroad, highway, civil aviaton, city will have a series of " big movement " , make Chengdu terraqueous empty traffic jumps new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position again! Chengdu builds investment 2.5 billion yuan passenger station of a railroad, form change area net of new-style and fast passenger transport and special railway line of passenger transport of border of city of Cheng Miane 200km/h. Former address of this passenger station is in sanded river fort, start working of break ground of plan general near future, its station room is built at leaving this year in March, build the end of next year, and whole passenger station predicts to will build complete entirely in June 2009. At the same time the subway first phase project is building a line in the round. Predict 2010 all fronts be open to traffic, operation circuitry grows 21.5 kilometers. Current, the subway 2 lines first phase project can grind the work out type of the report is made had finished, will build at start working of formal this year break ground, strive for built be open to traffic 2012.
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