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Exhibition of machine of project of international of Harbin of the 9th China, co

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Time: On April 28, 2009 - 30 days of places: Harbin international exhibition center Sponsor an unit:
Heilongjiang of stimulative commission of China International trade saves people government government of Harbin city people
Undertake unit:
Heilongjiang of stimulative commission of China International trade saves commerce of branch China International to promote committee great exploit of the letter in Harbin of Harbin city branch shows limited company
Support an unit:
Russia of parliament of area of northwest of Russian Federation of branch of industry of machinery of stimulative commission of trade of China International of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products blocks Economic Commission of republic of tired benefit A A Erhan of Russia of management board of investment of republic of Russia division rice Geersike Russia of city Economic Commission Woluogeda

Assist do medium:
Net of source of Chinese condole carfare
Exhibition of machine of project of Chinese Harbin international, construction machinery, special vehicle has succeeded continuously hold 8, hold with the corresponding period of exposition of manufacturing industry of Chinese Harbin international, it is current what hold in Heilongjiang is exclusive level of a state, internationally mechanical industry major is exhibited meeting, by China International commerce stimulative committee, Heilongjiang saves government of people government, Harbin city people to be sponsorred jointly, heilongjiang of stimulative commission of China International trade believes great exploit to show limited company in province branch, Harbin city branch, Harbin specific undertake, it is China International commerce the international of professional manufacturing industry that stimulative committee approves formally is exhibited meeting, aim to cooperate what base of national northeast old industry revitalizes the strategy to carry out.
Previous term or session extends meeting case:
CHIME of Harbin of the 8th China already on May 29, 2008 - hold ceremoniously 31 days in Chinese Harbin international exhibition center, drew the wide attention that makes a trade domestic and internationally. The 8th " CHIME " relatively a photograph comparing, exhibiting there was farther promotion on dimensions and product class, world top-ranking company and top product are in exhibit can be found everywhere on the meeting, got the warm reception of Heilongjiang enterprise. Current exhibit meeting ginseng join the country of the meeting and area to achieve 16, mutual come from area of the developed country such as Yu Deguo, United States, England, Sweden, Korea, Japan and Chinese Hong Kong, Taiwan and home nearly 300 of city of more than 10 provinces well-known companies sign up ginseng exhibit ginseng meeting, there is no lack of among them 500 strong companies of world, the bend affection of enterprise of numerous domestic and international bibcock joins in, show current make what rich meets specialization had with internationalization level rise considerably. Current CHIME recieves domestic and international professional audience in all 30 thousand more than person, exhibit conference agreement and contract to trade the forehead amounts to 2.83 billion yuan, achieve all previous exhibit of the meeting most, reflected the effect of platform of manufacturing industry commerce of the meeting that make gain adequately. Current exhibit can sponsor by government of Harbin city people first " Harbin investment and classics trade collaboration are recommended (negotiate) meeting " . Recommend Harbin relevant project, the part joins meeting ginseng to exhibit key enterprise to undertake communication and project butt joint negotiate interacting, held autograph of classics trade collaboration to arrange a ceremony, haing one machine and Inner Mongolia north are heavy-duty sign supply a contract 24, 664, 800 yuan; Neighborhood group and Russia travelling merchant sign 6 ten million yuan supply agreement. CHIME brings current world manufacturing industry for dragon river enterprise the most advanced technology and equipment, revitalize the development that saves manufacturing industry with updating equipment replacement and me to aid a helping hand for old industry base. Heilongjiang visits the main base that is Chinese manufacturing industry, it is one of centers of Chinese equipment industry, of old industry base promote the rapid development that promoted Heilongjiang industry, also produced an enterprise to bring infinite business chance for domestic and international relevant equipment. Exhibition of machine of project of international of Harbin of the 9th 2009 China, construction machinery, special vehicle will on April 28, 2009 - be in Chinese Harbin 30 days international can be exhibited in advocate hold, this is exhibited can set indoor exhibit an area 26000 smooth rice, the clearing outdoor 10000 smooth rice, current the well-known company ginseng that exhibits meeting general to invite machine of domestic and international project, construction machinery, special vehicle and professional component is exhibited, enlarge international influence, the international that makes machine of a project, construction machinery, special car for domestic and international relevant enterprise communicates platform. Exhibition of machine of project of international of Harbin of the 9th 2009 China, construction machinery, special vehicle is complied with exhibit meeting international to specialization development trend, aim to be government, enterprise, society to build the platform that business affairs of a high end communicates, hand a government through this one platform each industry purchases relevant policy and society information, the progress that reflects market of exhibition of project machine, construction machinery, special vehicle shows shape and trend; Show domestic and international new product, new technology, better build enterprise, society to purchase the supply demand relations between the organization. Exhibit meeting with " be in harmony assembles domestic and international new technology, new product, establish collaboration and communication for domestic and international enterprise and market " for the tenet; In order to reveal " revitalize base of northeast old industry " the tremendous business chance of contain, build investment of international trade of exhibition of project machine, construction machinery, special vehicle to negotiate platform is characteristic, in order to offer manufacturer and purchase organization communication platform to be a purpose. The invitation with cordial exhibition of machine of project of international of Harbin of the 9th 2009 China, construction machinery, special vehicle is global project machine, construction machinery, special car company and component enterprise, professional association and ginseng of chamber of commerce are exhibited ginseng meeting! Organization of each country of warm reception world, various places exhibits trade mission presence to coach!
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