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Bauma China 2008

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Bauma China 2008
Car of machine of China International project, building materials machinery, project reachs equipment exposition

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Showpiece time: Came 28 days on November 25, 2008

Came at 9 o'clock in the morning afternoon at 5 o'clock (Zhou Er comes Zhou Si)

Came at 9 o'clock in the morning afternoon at 3 o'clock (5)Nod showpiece: Shanghai new international reads extensively center, shanghai (Pudong) / China
Hold cycle: Two years (2002 head)Visiting charge: After major audience is registered enter freelyThe person that sponsor:
German Munich international reads extensively group (MMG)
Munich is exhibited (Shanghai) limited company (MMI-SH)
Association of industry of Chinese project machinery (CCMA)
Branch of industry of machinery of stimulative commission of China International trade (CCPIT-MSC)
Be versed in in limited company of project machine whole set (CNCMC)

Exhibit meeting general situation: Bauma ChinaAnd car of machine of China International project, building materials machinery, project and equipment exposition regard international as professional rich meeting, the target market that extends business to develop China and its periphery area to join offerred good chance. Enjoy machine of Asian top class project one of exposition are beautiful praise, exceptionally grand occasion of Bauma China 2006, 1, 088 exhibit business to read extensively in Shanghai new international center (SNIEC) 150, 000 square metre (among them outdoor reveal an area to be as high as 104, 000 square metre) oneself newest product, technology and service were shown on arena, attracted many 80 thousand professional audience that comes from China and world each district in all, the professional audience number that comes from China, Japan, Korea, India and Russia among them is achieved went out new tall, the mark is worn Bauma China is exposition of class of vessel of Asian region industry not only, the consequence that at the same time its are in Europe also increases with each passing day. Bauma China 2008 will have 6 indoor exhibit a house, the area is achieved 60 thousand 9 1000 smooth rice, still will have at the same time 110 thousand 9 exhibit outdoor 1000, gross area is achieved all-time 180 thousand 8 1000 smooth rice. Will gather together at the appointed time the professional audience that the whole world counts a high quality, among them great majority is decision-making personage, believe the spot clinch a deal the quantity also will innovate again tall. You can make full use of exposition of Bauma China 2008 serves as show oneself product and service, undertake equipment spot demonstrates and share information internationally business affairs platform. Can lend the policymaker inside the course of study of this good chance and Asian area and even Europe to gather together, establish new commercial connection, enhance company actual strength ceaselessly thereby, bring up dovish grow.
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