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Reforming and opening 30 years: Act vigorously amounts to a group into medium Sh

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Grand amounts to the group that build project to be located in Lai in relief city. Currently held the post ofpresident to guide 26 workers at Gui He 1983, the town that is close to going bankrupt from does hardware to hand in electric repair plant to start do poineering work. Bear the driving east wind that borrows reforming and opening, established construction machinery plant of Lai in relief city 1984, established Shandong grand to amount to the group that build project 1991, changed 1998 make for business of civilian battalion stock. Come 24 years, grand amounts to a person to achieve the administrative pattern that gave to provide characteristic diversity alone, came true to exceed convention to span type develops. Now administer 16 stature companies, cover an area of an area 80 much smoother rice, employee 3800 people, total assets 1.08 billion yuan, cross group of industry of countrywide large industry, whole nation to construct procession of business of project machine mainstay. Have the honor to win user of provincial and civilized unit, whole nation to be believed so that star enterprise, whole nation achieves enterprise of famous brand key, whole nation to defend a contract to weigh sincere letter of credit company, whole nation to defend law company too, the country is new and high technical company.

Administer of machine of project of construction of company core industry has construction machinery plant of Lai in relief city, grand to amount to heavy industry machine to make limited company, grand amount to the machinery that build a road to make grand of limited company, Xinjiang amount to heavy industry machine to create limited company, early or late one-time passed attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality, national 3C compulsive attestation, attestation of European Union CE. Academy of company science and technology is the Shandong that hall of province science and technology maintains the province is exclusive research center of engineering of a construction machinery, have nearly 100 brainpower and floor area the modern office building of 40 thousand square metre, with the whole nation courtyard of ten scientific research () , 4 key schools established cooperative relationship, have solid scientific research to develop actual strength. Research and development gives birth to the main product that produce to have: Car of concrete agitate station, jib pump, carry pump, agitate to carry car, car to carry type factory of equipment of mixture agitate of concrete pump, bitumen, stable earth mixes equipment, roller, hydraulic pressure comes back dig borer, small-sized grab, rubbish to compress type of car, tower elevator of crane, construction 13, product quality all reachs domestic banner level. Among them, 180 agitate station is judged to be national emphasis new product, train set of pump of 48 meters of homebred batholith plans a project into national torch, station of series tower machine, agitate is judged to be product of province famous brand, 315 tons fill of meter of large tower machine is provincial and blank. Own 12 countries patent, 4 countries invent patent. The product sells past Asia, Europe, Africa, North America 50 many countries 30 much users.
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