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Enlighten do obeisance to will build lead of imagination of 1000 meters tall sky

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A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to estate to develop business pay conspicuous to strap a group 5 days to announce, this group will be in enlighten do obeisance to sheikdom the skyscraper that mid area builds to be as high as 1000 meters.

Naheleji is round this 1000 meters tall skyscraper tries to be unique in design respect: It will be comprised by 4 high-rise, what can assure to build a structure already so is solid, can let wind be passed freely from inside the clearance of 4 high-rise again, reduced the wind- driven load of whole building thereby.

If build, this building more than 200 will replace what building at present " Dibaida " make world top structure.

Development of company of estate of Er of horse of You Di Bai Ai builds Dibaida, already reached 688 meters height at present. This year in April, the company announces Aimaer, dibaida exceeded 628.9 meters tall United States north to amount to with 629 meters height division TV of his city KVLY-TV launchs a tower, make world top structure.

Accept conspicuous forces group parent company enlighten do obeisance to Su Ertan of world group president to say, naheleji's round this one new project " transmitted a new information to the world, that is enlighten do obeisance to have the fancy that other place place does not have on the world " .

Accept conspicuous forces a group is enlighten the main estate that do obeisance to develops business, the artificial island that the building of ground mark sex that it develops includes form of 3 palmy trees and layout of according to map of the world are filled build " world island " .

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