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Wang Min: Xu is versed in lustrum builds world-class business

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When Wang Min of secretary of group president, Party committee accepts a reporter to interview, Xu labour puts forward------Xu Gong is affirmatory: Lustrum builds world-class business
Hold in municipal Party committee, municipal government after accelerating mass rally of the member that revitalize base of Xuzhou old industry to move, regard Xuzhou as the biggest industrial industry group, xu is versed in the group realizes the value that seizes this historic opportunity adequately, study discussion accelerates spirit of congress of the member that revitalize base of Xuzhou old industry to move, put forward to want high level fixed position, essence to refine butt joint, fast rhythm to fulfil, build the world-class business of the pride that makes a country factitious.
Enter good rapid development new level
Mention Xuzhou to accelerate the deploy that revitalizes base of Xuzhou old industry, xu is versed in Wang Min of secretary of group president, Party committee tells a reporter, in last few years, below the care support of the right leader in provincial Party committee and Xuzhou municipal Party committee and each branch, xu industry group implements concept of practice science progress seriously, promote energetically " 3 achieve " spirit, entered good the new level of rapid development. 2007, finish business income 30.8 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 2.08 billion yuan, exit is achieved collect 560 million dollar, rank industry of world project machinery the 15th, 500 strong companies of Chinese the 191st, chinese manufacturing industry 500 strong the 96th. This year first half of the year, xu Gong gets used to the new condition of macroscopical adjusting control actively, accomplish time to pass half, the task exceeds half.
Do business first half of the year income 22.4 billion yuan
King civilian president tells a reporter, xu is versed in the group is operation continues to expand in recent years. Realize business income first half of the year 22.4 billion yuan, grow 63.3 % , industrial sales revenue 16.8 billion yuan, grow 44.1 % , industry of machinery of project of certain room China the first. The product exports 426 million dollar, grow 60.1 % . 2 it is economic benefits rises quickly. Implement profit tax first half of the year 1.63 billion yuan, grow 52.8% , realize gain 1.16 billion yuan, grow 54.1% . Economic integration advantage index is achieved 317.3, increase 79.6 percent, labor productivity average per capita 300 thousand yuan, rise 68.8% . 3 it is innovation ability promotes considerably. Research and development throws 280 million yuan first half of the year, completed the project of research and development of product of new and high technology that is a delegate with crane of 500 tons of whole areas 90 multinomial, the crucial component such as oil cylinder of automobile crane radiator, grab 12; Declare national patent 37, obtain patent authorization 29. To crucial foundation component investment transforms capital 274 million yuan, improved the technical level of Xu Gong main product and engineering capability greatly. 4 it is new breakthrough of industrial position implementation. Through cooperating with strategy of Chun Lan group, entered the range that produces heavy-duty truck; With Germany dark of the base of a fruit overcomes captive uncle company to cooperate, equipment of development wind energy is produced, fostered new point of growth.
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