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Inland river is the oldest crane ship " Long Hai " date head boat is successful

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Recently, waterborne and scientific academy designs institute of science of shipping of the Yangtse River and traffic Department of Transportation jointly " Long Hai " date 500 tons of crane ship, stator of electric machinery of 438 tons of 1000 kilowatt will heft in Harbin haven dock successful hoisting arrives on barge, make clear this model the each technology index of the boat is achieved expect a demand, it is Heilongjiang catchment thereby through transport of sea of major equipment river is added again new army. In the meantime, also indicate scientific research of move long boat is in crane ship ship to design a domain to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

"Long Hai " date is the crane ship with our country the at present largest inland river, this captain 60.5 meters, 26 meters wide, model deep 3.4 meters, the biggest characteristic is draft arm of shallow, condole long, loading capacity is large. Because suffer the Songhua River channel and on the way the waits for many sided external condition limitation of lock, bridge, personnel of design of place of long boat scientific research overcomes time difficulty of close, technology is advanced a series of difficulty, make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot for many times, jointly with traffic Department of Transportation the researcher of water section courtyard studies repeatedly and prove, in esteem objective, scientific premise falls, creativity ground develops intelligence an wisdom, finish design work on time, ensured Harbin is northward the start working plan of dockyard. This boat is built to shipping from plan design used 15 months only. "Long Hai " the investment of 500 tons of crane ship uses name, make the transport costs of major equipment is reduced by 8 million yuan of original highway transportation reach 5 million yuan, carry season saves 2/3, for Heilongjiang province more major equipment reach base of this heavy industry predominent goods realizes Jianghai through traffic, arrive at world each district smoothly to have convoy effect.

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