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Through the intense contend of 3 days of preliminary contest and intermediary heat, come from Guangdong finally Yuan Shuangquan of Lin Tongbiao of force spy player and player of Hunan fire report is entered all the way from inside 15 crane ace close, show itself, they are about to undertake in final final summit summit is opposite definitely, ultimate challenge. Stirring hour arrived, after all who can ask a vessel finally contest of gentleman of crane of 2008 year China (truck crane) " crane gentleman " top honorary title, everything lets final match result prove!
The project that finals has is headroom folds a car. Have competition ground a height 23 meters iron tower, decorate on iron cat head have as four-wheel as the car the position is relative answering bracket at 4 o'clock. Ask the player as string of 1 ground car to iron tower coping inside 20 minutes at 4 o'clock on bracket smooth put away. (every fulcrum contains electric induction switch, tire overwhelms the colored lantern with corresponding fulcrum will illume, at the same time building top observer sends a firework to be signal) full measure player must be finished independently. The player finishs the task successfully to be in formulary time internal energy get the better of, when can succeeding to become the job late, with time weak point person to get the better of.
20 days night at 8 o'clock, summit summit is right began eventually definitely, fuller than sitting on competition ground the masses that watchs game, everybody wants to witness the wonderful performance of two crane ace. When compere asks about the mood of two players, confidence is full of, it is thus clear that two players had made preparation early. What enter the court above all is Yuan Shuangquan of player of Hunan fire report. After the match begins, his success trice car, carry trice to iron cat head slowly, when 2 minutes of bells, his his success went to car condole iron tower in the sky. Trice car is not actually difficult, wanting hard hard to put 4 tire of the car smoothly to 4 bracket of iron tower coping. When 7 minutes, he encountered a trouble it seems that, rose car upgrade the point again then, seek the seat afresh. The put away that succeeds eventually when him 3 wheels when, it is OK to move a little again originally the car is smooth put away, perhaps because the heart is too agog, he did not put firm car, time is in a minute spend, when 15 minutes of 16 seconds, yuan Shuangquan puts 4 tire smoothly successfully to 4 bracket eventually, the building carries observer on the head to give out firework signal to announce the player is finished successfully instantly.
Was turn for Lin Tongbiao of force spy player to enter the court next, see he is self-confident and easy only be on crane, crane slowly trice, a lot of colleague of the Lin Tongbiao on audience field cheers a loud cry for him. Listen to his work in the same placing to say, he every time match state of mind is particularly good, company interior holds similar operation mastery of a skill or technique to surpass previously, he is every time the first. This he appears how to put the car smoothly to 4 bracket via mastering already, see he rotates the car slowly only the position, the 4 stand point that goes up to iron tower slowly next is stood by, he puts two tire of the car to two stand point slowly slowly first, next again inch car, make 4 tire and 4 bracket nod superposition, eventually he puts the car smoothly successfully to 4 stand point, lou Dingli issued firework signal namely. He finished this job successfully, 6 minutes of 37 seconds when whole process is used only, yu Yuanshuang of be far ahead is complete. Thunderous applause rang immediately on competition ground. Ultimate force is special player Lin Tongbiao won contest of gentleman of crane of 2008 year China (truck crane) laurel!
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