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Net of Chinese crane resource is attended on invitation in petrifaction 4 " Chin

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On September 26, net of Chinese crane resource as on invitation media of a few news of media and home attended Chinese petrifaction group together company of the 4th construction " China the first condole " head condole ceremony. This company that gets attention fully 1600 tons " China the first condole " be about to execute mission of first time hoisting here, tianjin of project of core of hoisting seaside new developed area 1 million tons / year in ethylene and project of its form a complete set " kiloton big tower " .

In the morning 10:50, mobile spot colored flag is flying, head condole ceremony is held ceremoniously in project spot. In the relevant leader of 4 construction company published petrifaction above all welcoming speech and speech. Controlled 11:20, make as hoisting of make known to lower levels of this company general manager, hoisting ceremony begins formally, for this a Chinese petrifaction that condole task prepares many days worker of company of the 4th construction wears the group unified coverall, head Dai Anquan cap, basis post is different adorn different armband is arranged trimly go up in respective and respective post, be in blast a firecracker sound is medium, tianjin 100 tons of ethylene " kiloton big tower " -- propylene rectify tower is slowly mobile approach destination continuously. Pass 40 minutes about, "Kiloton big tower " final and smooth perch. The honored guest that reachs the spot and reporter of a few media were witnessed jointly " China the first condole " the exclaim that wonderful performance brings to people place and shock!

Leader of Inc. of petrifaction of Liyali of vice director of standing committee of Tianjin city National People's Congress, China also arrives at the spot, undertake the project observes, viewed whole hoisting project.

In petrifaction 4 " China the first condole " head condole ceremony spot

In petrifaction 4 " China the first condole " head condole ceremony spot

Lead related joint-stock company of the first petrifaction in be being reached for Tianjin city

In benefit of Wang Ren of vice secretary of 4 Party committee chairs petrifaction a condole ceremony

Hoisting is about to begin

To accelerate the construction of seaside new developed area, company of the 4th construction is in Chinese petrifaction group of company of Chinese petro-chemical group support energetically below, introduce crane of 1600 tons of crawler from Germany, throw Tianjin with all one's strength 1 million tons / year ethylene and construction of project of its form a complete set, first the task is successful hoisting of this project " kiloton big tower " -- propylene rectify tower, reconstructive on construction of Tianjin seaside new developed area outstanding merit, showed again " iron army-invincible army " male wind.
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