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4 foot crane snapped power lines Zaidao

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Day before 21:36, a three ring operating near the large construction crane suddenly roll, the boom snapped four 110,000 volt power line (see Figure), resulting in more cells adjacent to short power outages. The accident happened at three under the direction of Evergreen Garden Ring on the ramp of the bridge that night, reporters at the scene saw a license plate number for the E AM ** 77 large cranes roll, high-voltage wires are snapped over the vertical to the ground after the long crane about 40 meters directly on the pressure in the ramp, the bridge was a Honda Accord cable Zadao hang up, the front severely deformed, but caused no casualties, police, and emergency repair personnel are on-site disposal of power. It is understood that the crane was rented urban management departments, removal of the night here, a giant billboard, allegedly as a result to finish the work, lifting the driver to reduce the number of billboards over the cable car to bear the weight of the scope, causing the cable car rollover. Wuhan power company official said the accident led to a nearby gold Graceland, Haohai apartments, Haohai Winterthur, Xinyuan area power outage, the emergency dispatch of the company, the regional power all within 30 minutes to restore power. Yesterday morning, the electricity sector has been hung up in power lines repaired.
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