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Chile mine rescue crane was used in China

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San Jose mine in Chile rescue scene, a giant from China, and the only one Asian face. Rescue engineers confirmed that the completion and final rescue plan laying wall will be the Trinity Group in Shanghai, China designed and manufactured SCC400 crane. Responsible for ensuring the normal operation of crane Heng Hao Chinese engineers said, the machine known as the "Divine the first hanging," which advanced design, highly reliable, has a unique hydraulic design, smooth delivery, the impact of lifting force generated in the process than lifting equipment in general much smaller. Heng Hao said that after construction started, cranes will be the first to complete the inner wall of hoisting the rescue channel, then according to the scene to decide how lifting "rescue capsule (that is, to save space with a carry)." He believed that, once confirmed can boot, lifting crane will be successfully completed task. "I am very confident of our equipment." Heng Hao said the Government of Chile in many aid programs assume the machine is selected in pull tasks, is the affirmation and recognition of China's heavy industry. Undertake relief work in, they carried out several successful rehearsal, in addition to the relevant plan to do to ensure that rescue foolproof.
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