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Situation of finance of macroscopical economy of China of second half of the yea

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First half of the year, world economy encountered the United States second borrow the crisis ceaseless violent wind raises price of ceaseless development, raw product, whole world of disturbance of Vietnam occurrence finance, inflation spreads wait for a lot of challenge. Predicting second half of the year, american economy is short-term cast off hard " sluggish bilges " delay of hasten of growth of economy of region of minatory, euro and price level carry litre coexist, Japan is added sign is better but have domestic trouble and foreign invasion, hopeful maintains economy of country of low speed growth, rising market to grow quickly but inflationary pressure is greater, future walks along situation general occurrence become divided. Concussion of perch of raw product price, global economy will go before decelerate. The international economy environment that our country faces is austere still.
Annual economy will still maintain rapidder growth
Economy of current our country runs posture to make a person pay close attention to all the more, what people worries most is Chinese economy whether is growth met accordingly considerably fall after a rise, does economy enter passageway of be issued to lower levels from this? We think, although economy is added first half of the year fast put delay somewhat, but the growth that annual economy will still maintain 10% above.
One, economy is added fast put delay somewhat, economic overheat risk falls a bit
Be in domestic and international below the influence of a series of adverse elements, our country economy was added first half of the year 2008 fast put delay somewhat. Preliminary business accounting, GDP grows 10.4% compared to the same period first half of the year, than going up fall after a rise of year of the corresponding period 1.8 percent. Among them 2 quarters grow 10.1% , increasing ratio puts delay first quarter 0.5 percent, this also was 2007 GDP increase rate is successive since the 2nd quarter the 4th quarter drops.
Economy is added fast putting delay also is our country the beginning of the year put forward " two prevent " the show that adjusting control policy begins to produce effect. Show our country has begun to produce effect from tight monetary policy, economy by slant fast the risk that turns to overheat somewhat slow down.
2, annual economy will still maintain rapidder growth
(one) what our country economy grows is medium long-term and main area is nice still
What economy of stimulative our country appears to grow quickly in last few years is the city is changed, industrialized, commercialize, and productivity (complete element productivity) rise in waiting long-term element, these elements are impossible to disappear suddenly inside short time. Accordingly, our country economy is mixed at present future a certain number of year rapid growth still has solid base.
(2) investment, consumption, exit " 3 drive carriage " pull the short-term power that uses growth of our country economy to still be not decreased
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