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New regulation requirement builds lifting appliance 5 kinds to be not used renta

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Control government to enhance the security that builds lifting appliance, prevent and reduce manufacturing safety accident, ensure people life and belongings safety, a few days ago, construction ministry came on stage " safety of building lifting appliance supervises management to set " (build a your 笿 66) (full text sees 4 edition, the following abbreviation " set " ) , made clear those who build lifting appliance to rent, installation, disassemble, use the specific item that reachs its to control government. This " regulation " apply since 6 朿 day.
" set " requirement, lifting appliance of building of rental unit hack is purchased with use unit, rent, use building lifting appliance ought to have special type equipment to make certificate of approval of licence, product, make supervisory check test and verify bright. Prohibit the standard section that do sth without authorization is not former mill to make in the installation on building lifting appliance and anchorage device.
" set " clear, dependency home public proclamation falls into disuse or the taboo, use fixed number of year that exceeds safe technology standard to perhaps make manufacturer set, classics examines regulation of standard of technology of short of security, without complete safety technical archives is mixed wait for lifting appliance of 5 kinds of buildings without all ready and effective safe protector, must not rental, use. " regulation " rent unit, installation unit, use unit, construction unit, construction always contracts clearly further unit, inspect manage unit is in those who build lifting appliance to rent, installation, disassemble, use the safe duty in waiting for a process. Point out at the same time, construction is in charge of a branch to fulfil the obligation of safe supervisory examination. " regulation " ask at the same time, be in charge of dealing with put on record the construction director branch that register ought to establish the record of building lifting appliance inside area of politics of one's own profession, undertake unity number to building lifting appliance according to concerned regulation, announce the safe state that builds lifting appliance to the society regularly.

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