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Unscramble the international safety standard that builds project machine current

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Shi Ruiping 1 see army 2(1. Chang'an university, cc of short for Shaanxi Province installs 710064;2. Limited company of north of group of Dalian highway engineering, liaoning Dalian 116113)

The buildup that the labor of bldg. harms the safety administration as construction site, controller and handlers safety consciousness is shown gradually reduce a current. The person that arouses to make build project machine harms incident to decrease somewhat, mechanical manufacturer must be design premise with product health and safety.

1 each country sets about building the safety of project machine

(1) United States.

Sanitation of profession of American Ministry of Labour is censorial bureau (OSHA) and safety of American mineral products and healthy management board (the happening that MSHA) harms to prevent all sorts of labor, issued the safe and wholesome standard about labor scene 1977 at was being mixed 1970. Code stipulated construction machinery product has ROPS(to roll guard) , sex of apply the brake, reverse gear calls the police wait for performance demand.

(2) Europe.

Europe also is one of areas that begin the earliest to make safety of construction project machine set. Among them, germany is inchoate implement VBG40 safe regulation, mechanical EN747 safety provides the 1995 folk recipe in beginning to implement mechanical directive.

The European Union should build unified European market to must keep clear of technical camp, unite the law of each member country, code and relevant specification. Issued harmonious statement for this European Union, the instruction asks council takes proper step, make the content of the law of each member country, code harmonious and consistent, build internal market. Ask mechanical manufacturer must make clear its product standards, character, want to consider person belongings safety, protect an environment to wait for a requirement.

(3) Japan.

Labor sanitation standard of Japan has the legal tie to owner. Develop the labor harm that cause to prevent economic high speed, from labor the depart in standard method went out 1972 regard labor safety as healthful basic law, made employer compulsory to the safe and wholesome measure of employee byelaw. Wholesome code decides labor safety:  of leave uncovered of ㄖ  こ blocks  of deficient of ⒅ of bath of ㄐ of discuss of lung of  of ┎ of Mao of  of ⅲ of bank of Jian of Wei of meal of  of every of evil spirit of protein of  numerous box to carry  of act of ǖ of Suo of bright Yu of celestial being of  of miscellaneous deceive annulus arrives so that sole  A Chinese-style unlined garment risks  of caries of У of A stepping on 

(4) other area.

Except area of beautiful, Europe, day, manufacturer of construction project machine stipulates in safety the respect also accepts certain obligation. Australia is by independent character 6 faster cities and an accurate city are comprised, the law with labor wholesome and relevant safety is more, also include the legislation to employer among them.
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