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Executive equipment of the lifting appliance system that register was not used 9

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Dongguan city carried out construction lifting appliance to register a system a few days ago, forbidden use close without check or check and accept unqualified construction lifting appliance. The construction lifting appliance of whole town, should unite city to install inspect station to deal with register, undertake detecting declaring be installinged in order to ensure complete.
As the arrival of monsoon, building construction safety appears increasingly austere. Regard the construction that produces construction safety accident more easily as lifting appliance, included the punish of concerned branch program. City construction bureau expresses about chief, always equipment did not detect more than one year, perhaps cause damage because of the reason such as the accident, perhaps suspend operation 90 days the lifting appliance that above uses, must entrust those who have corresponding aptitude to examine detect the orgnaization undertakes detecting afresh, eligible and rear can throw afresh use. Be engaged in building the work staff of lifting appliance, must check qualification via building director department, obtain relevant letter square but mount guard works.
It is reported, city installs inspect to stand to do with the plan and construction that press down a street will right the construction company that afore-mentioned regulations violate in the examination, inspect its clue weight to give the processing that instruct deadline to rectify and reform or orders intermit construction, according to " trends of safe production of project of building of office of Guangdong province construction runs way " undertake buckling cent, submit to city construction bureau undertakes administration is punished.

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