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Truck mounted (wheeled) crane is common problem

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One, accident process is summarized
2000, some company uses one 50t automobile crane to make gallery of discharge coal channel in one construction building site when construction of the makings on board wall reinforcing steel bar, preparation places a batch of reinforcing steel bar in gallery on the west above frame of side double platoon, perch radius makes an appointment with 20m. Heavy industry is bound since hung up after the hook, jockey presses a serious conduct signal to rise by tractor hang oneself first (right now circumgyrate radius 14m) , next fork, bend over lever. Bending over in lever process, cause crane collapse turndown arm. Cause 4, 5 arms attaint. Operation personnel leaves the ground in crane pitch 1 ~ 1. Jump out from cab when 5m, favour did not cause personal casualty.
2, accident case study
After accident happening, classics reconnaissance spot measures an analysis to be informed: This of trice is φ the reinforcing steel bar of 25, long 3. 6m, in all 168, plan 2, 3t is heavy. And after the pitching moment limiter of this automobile crane damages, had not restored. Additional, before today one operate personnel to work overtime in the evening one all night, when producing an accident this only one operates personnel to be in by day operation. Via measuring, radius of perch of reinforcing steel bar is 20m about. And this crane is only in the only lifting capacity when R = 20m 2. 2t. And below the situation that did not restore good in pitching moment limiter, operation personnel is credulous to weight of place condole clog the oral data that has place of personnel of heavy, construction to offer, say " do not exceed 2t to weigh " . This shows, because operate personnel to be below the circumstance that limiter of crane moment of force is out of order,this the reason of the accident is, did not check in detail to removing the weight of condole clog to make, also do not have actual measurement to perch radius at the same time, make clear Hunan. The thought is paralytic, responsibility heart is not strong. And to the basic idea such as the load moment of crane etc is not very clear, and when particular operation, did not accomplish the operation of careful discretion to so abominable field and the operating mode that extend brachial lever entirely, did not carry out crane safety operating rules strictly to reach " 10 do not a string of 1 " regulation. Cause real moment of force is caused to be more than crane to happen in the rated moment of force below this operating mode in the operation tipping. Additional, the member that have no guardian and the exact weight that have serious director staff to fail to offer heavy thing of condole giving place and the basic common sense of the side of concerned crane performance that lack has to direct personnel to should be had again as, it is the another cause that causes this accident.
3, the lesson that accident Ying Ji takes
This the lesson of the accident is apparent: Protector of lifting appliance safety (pitching moment limiter) should be in acute and reliable condition from beginning to end. Otherwise, want to have reliable measure, ensure operation personnel makes clear weight of clog removing condole and perch radius. In the meantime, by crane safety operating rules guards personnel cannot leave out or leave working post. Additional, important is lifting appliance operates personnel to must groom reach the designated position, make the property of clear crane really. Cannot sciolistic. Likewise important is, serious conduct also should make property of clear lifting appliance since. Have to consider a circumstance to be directed blindly, operation personnel also cannot listen not to understand the issue confused orders of the director staff of mechanical function blindly. Want to remind each other, want from go up at all do know crane the load moment that its lay in some operating mode is stated this one main reason.
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