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National level: Span of dynamoelectric bridge crane and GB/T790-1995 of load-lif

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1, thematic content and suitable scope
The span that this standard provided dynamoelectric bridge crane and have elevatory series.
This standard applies to dynamoelectric bridge crane (crane of the following abbreviation) , basically include hook bridge crane, grab bucket bridge crane, electromagnetism bridge crane, amphibious bridge crane, 3 with the bridge crane (above belongs to general bridge crane) , slow fast crane of bridge crane, explosion proof bridge crane, insulation bridge crane, dynamoelectric Chan Liang and dynamoelectric calabash bridge crane. Other and special bridge crane also should consult use.

2, cite standard
Term of term of GB6974 lifting appliance
GB14405 general bridge crane
GBJ6 workshop builds modulus to coordinate a standard

3, term
The definition of S(crane Span) of 3.1 crane span and load-lifting height H(lifting Height) (or explain) , in seeing GB6974.2 4.3 with the regulation of 2.6.
The span L(workshop Span) of 3.2 workshop: Х fears wood of Lai of M of Cuo of extensive of ㄎ of Fu of  young Zu ah Ge
Crane span and axes of workshop span fixed position and ground (or ground hole underside) show with the relation between load-lifting height at the graph 1.

Note: Graph 1 medium Ac is connection dimension, a1 is apart from to insert, specific provision sees GBJ6-86.

4, crane span
S of 4.1 crane span decides according to the workshop span L of furnish crane. Both the concern between is as follows type place shows: S = L, B
In type: B=b1 B2, it is the difference of workshop span and crane span, its value presses a watch 1 affirmatory.

Note: Have without the passageway, the department points to to circuit moves to whether leave somebody to go along crane on the building safe passageway.
Series of 4.2 crane span sees a table 2

Note (1) at the same time on same course furnish load lifting capacity is 50t to be mixed below when two kinds of crane of 63t above, the span value of crane should be chosen by the crane of 63t above.
(2) same cross inside furnish when two crane, the crane span value inside the watch applies to superstratum crane only.
(3) when along crane orbital two side must set a channel, crane span allows to decrease by the multiple of 0.5m.

5, crane load-lifting height
5.1 general bridge cranes, slow fast the load-lifting height of bridge crane, explosion proof bridge crane and insulation bridge crane sees a table 3.

Note (1) the load-lifting height that there is range in the watch, particular value looks use situation and decide.
(2) the load-lifting height that lists in the watch all is the greatest load-lifting height, when necessary, classics supply and demand is bilateral assist tall, also can exceed this to be restricted. The user should raise the load-lifting height of real need when order goods, real value should from 6m only then, every 2m is first gear.
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