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On June 18, 2008, national development is reformed appoint, legal system of ministry of Department of Transportation of industry and informatization ministry, censorial ministry, Ministry of finance, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, traffic, railway ministry, irrigation works, Department of Commerce, the State Council does wait for 10 branches to combine print and distribute " invite public bidding bids illegal behavior records announcement temporary measure " , build invite public bidding to bid illegal behavior records announcement system. A few days ago, reporter with respect to announcement system pertinent question interviewed a country to develop innovation appoint concerned controller.

Bid for perfect invite public bidding break one's promise chasten mechanism, drive invite public bidding to bid credit system is built, according to " general office of the State Council bids about further normative action a certain number of opinions of the activity " requirement, begin from 2006, national hair changes appoint begin to begin relevant work about the branch jointly with the State Council. 2007, national hair changes appoint, of the print and distribute of combination of 10 ministries and commissions such as censorial ministry " carry out about print and distribute fulfil job of job of anti-corruption initiate cheap strengthened project invite public bidding to bid supervisory government works further 2007 the announcement of the opinion " put forward clearly, national hair changes appoint consider to build invite public bidding to bid illegal behavior records announcement system jointly with concerned branch. Accordingly, national hair changes appoint listening to concerned administration extensively to be in charge of branch and foundation of opinion of market main body to go up, jointly with the State Council concerned branch is drafted finish " temporary measure " , with print and distribute of form of file of 10 ministries and commissions. " temporary measure " promulgate, the mark is worn the formal establish that invite public bidding bids illegal behavior records announcement system, reflected invite public bidding to bid industry innovation invite public bidding bids administrative mechanism, farther normative invite public bidding bids mobile desire and requirement. " temporary measure " will apply formally at will rising on January 1, 2009.
Main target and basic content
This controller points out, invite public bidding bids system of illegal behavior announcement applies to concerned administration to be in charge of a branch in performing duty procedure lawfully, to person of invite public bidding, bidder, invite public bidding acting orgnaization and member of the committee that review bid violate behavior place to do administration to handle the record of the decision to undertake announcement. Specific for, to the following administration that invite public bidding bids illegal behavior makes processing decides to should give announcement: Warning, amerce, those who confiscate illegal earning, time-out to perhaps cancel the qualification of representative of invite public bidding, project that cancels to attend to must undertake invite public bidding lawfully inside certain period bid the qualification, qualification that cancels to hold the position of member of the committee that review bid, time-out project is carried out or recover already. Basic content includes declared: Be bidden by processing invite public bidding party name (or full name) , time of decision of basis of illegal behavior, processing, processing, processing and processing mechanism. Announcement branch can bid invite public bidding processing of illegal behavior administration decides the book undertakes announcement directly.
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