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Build regulation of project safe production

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" regulation of construction project safe production " already the 28th times standing conference passed the State Council on November 12, 2003, grant to announce now, apply since Feburary 1, 2004.

Premier Wen Jiabao

Two years on November 24

General principles of the first chapter

To strengthen construction project safe production controls government the first, ensure people life and belongings safety, basis " People's Republic of China builds a way " , " law of safe production of People's Republic of China " , enact this ordinance.

The 2nd is engaged in those who build a project building in churchyard of People's Republic of China, extend, rebuild and demolish etc concerned activity and the supervisory management that carries out pair of construction project safe production, must abide by this byelaw.

This byelaw place says to build a project, it is to show conduit of project of civil engineering, construction, circuitry and equipment install a project to reach decorate a project.

The 3rd builds management of project safe production, hold to the guiding principle that safety first, precaution gives priority to.

The unit that etc of unit of manage of inspect of unit of the 4th construction, reconnaissance unit, design unit, construction unit, project and construction project safe production concern, must abide by the regulation of safe production law, code, assure to build project safe production, assume responsibility of construction project safe production lawfully.

The science and technology that the 5th country encourages construction project safe production considers to apply with the promotion of the advanced technique, push the science administration that builds project safe production.

The 2nd chapter builds the safe responsibility of the unit

Unit of the 6th construction ought to offer construction to construction unit the spot and border and other places of the water supply inside area, catchment, power supply, air feed, heat addition, communication, broadcasting television issues cop data, atmosphere and hydrology observation data, photograph adjacent building and the concerned material that builds project of content, underground, what assure a data is true, accurate, complete.

Because construction unit builds project need, to concerned branch or when the data that the money before the unit inquires provides, concerned branch or the unit ought to be offerred in time.

Unit of the 7th construction must not is opposite the requirement that the unit such as manage of inspect of reconnaissance, design, construction, project raises not to accord with law of construction project safe production, code and mandatory standard to set, do not get the time limit for a project that compresses contract agreement.

Unit of the 8th construction is when budgetary estimate of work out project, ought to build place of measure of environment of project safety work and safe construction to require cost certainly.
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