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Smelt metal of smelt metal treasure is built in muti_function steel structure mo

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After afterwards obtains the exterior to design patent, smelt metal of smelt metal treasure is built in " dismountable the moulding bed that type construction uses " obtain practical and new-style patent authorization again.
The nation is immanent and at present large the commonly used moulding bed in the project such as steel structure of bridge of public construction, road basically has the following sort model:
⑴ uses steel scaffold moulding bed. Build the scaffold that sets full hall to take a lot of work quite, the dosage of scaffold is bigger also. And because discount the join means of a type scaffold and computational model commonly usedly,not agree with, use as it is very difficult that its suffer force to calculate when moulding bed, caused certain difficulty to exact location, and generate safe hidden danger easily in construction process. More unfavorable in the moulding bed of above of 20 meters of height the moulding bed that uses scaffold to make steel structure construction.
⑵ uses the profiled bar moulding bed such as steel tube. To different structure, the level of component part is different, adoption steel tube length is not identical also, because of this very difficult repeated usage. And spot moulding bed normally taller, to assure the stability of moulding bed, need uses a diameter to compare big steel tube, dosage of moulding bed material is accordingly bigger also, waste is very big.
⑶ uses moulding bed of case form type. Moulding bed of case form type is similar to case compose column, use angle iron, channel to wait normally make. But the overall dimension of component of case form type is bigger, after moulding bed is uninstalled, carriage cost is very high, use at the project of other item directly hard, create huge waste. And moulding bed of case form type is made in the spot, solder workload is very big, solder quality assures not easily also.
⑷ Bei Lei is worn reach all-purpose lever moulding bed. Bei Lei wears joist piece use peg to join, be out of shape and displacement is controlled hard, the influence installs precision. To taller moulding bed, the steady performance that Bei Lei wears is poorer. All-purpose lever go all out outfit is more troublesome, and the accessory with need many treatment, cost is higher. To big span, freeboard, exceed heavy component construction to cannot use this kind of moulding bed.
The place on put together is narrated, at present the moulding bed of a few kinds of commonly used forms exists repeated usage rate is low, be out of shape and displacement is controlled hard, stuff is wasteful and serious, treatment installation removes a trouble, expend the defect such as man-hour.
Bao Ye builds patent " dismountable the moulding bed that type construction uses " by advocate limb, inclined compose, join go all out to install and be become. Its advocate limb is + word profiled bar, inclined compose is angle iron, component and component all use bolt connection. When using first mosaic and planar component, combine moulding bed of case form type again.
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